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The only five-star taxi company in New Orleans. This is the only app you can use to pay cash or credit, in the taxi, after the ride. There is no Yellow Cab Company you can call in New York, so calling #TAXI does not connect you to a traditional taxi service. but we don't serve Barberton or Canton, Ohio.

Take a cab in New York City at #TAXI

The New Yorkers are, uh, very strong about New York taxiing. However, the more than 10,000 complimentary taxi services that serve the town can make life in the town unpleasant. However, the fact is that taxis are a comfortable way to get around New York and in fact can be quite inexpensive if you travel in a group.

If you see everywhere the amber taxis are the kind you are hailing (or marking), do not call. There is a gimmick with yellows: Only when the EMIDLE numbers light up on the top of a yellows cab is it in use. There is no way to call a New York basedellow Cab Co., so the call to #TAXI does not link you to a conventional cab service.

Instead, the number 8294 connects you to a rental agency or firm for car rental, which is very convenient because it seems difficult to find a number that will call you for a trip in New York. The New York yellows taximeters begin at $2.50 on arrival and then charge 40 for every 1/5th of a Mile and minute of wait or walk with less than 12 mph.

Riders may also charge a 50ยข overnight supplement between 8pm and 6am and a $1 weekly supplement Monday through Friday between 4pm and 8pm. After La Guardia a meter price of approx. $30 inclusive toll will be charged. You can reach it in 20 min when the lights are bright, but it can be more than double at the wrong point of the morning.

You can use this calculator for special tariff information. Although you can quickly call a cab during time, it might be better to hop on a metro because you won't just be seated in front of the train (or saying the words that so many have already said: "You know what, I'll just go...").

When you receive a poor quality call from a New York City cab, file a claim here. You got an NYC cab tip?

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