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Sudbury City Taxi

CITY TAXI staff "Best service with a smile" reviews on CITY TAXI culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security and more. With Moovit you can find the best routes to City Taxi by public transport and step-by-step directions with updated bus schedules in Sudbury. City-taxi - Opening times What would you think of this transaction? Sehr IBNORANT Cabin..

... Sehr Ignoorant taxi driver. I will never use this taxi service again and I will definitely not recommend this taxi service to anyone. Frankly, unless you want to face screaming, impolite, ignoring folks, I suggest you call somewhere else.

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Work at CITY TAXI: staff evaluations

The majority of clients were great, I could get along with anyone in the cabin from all walks of life. But it is a taxi, and even Sudbury has its own black side and has been under threat from tariffs more than once. Collection and delivery of fare in the western part of the city.

Our working environment was good because we were individual in our responsibility for our cars to keep them neat and representative of our client care. Registering and deregistering and paying out every day, recording journeys to and from the city with good client support, taking care of helping the older and handicapped, staying informed of city laws, being on schedule to collect, locating the best route in the city to get to your destinations management was very professionally done.

I' ve learnt how to handle different people in town. Twelve hour drive, most clients are good. Have fun riding, friendly clients, long ticket prices, gratuities. Study the city road, help us to better ourselves! As Canada is a multi-cultural nation, it was a challenging task to communicate with the vast majority of clients due to linguistic barrier.

Company directors and staff were very responsive to changes in my work plan. Extremely quick job, but managements is a great and funny job. It' been a real treat working for City Taxi for the last seven years. My managerial experience has enabled me to use my abilities to foster a high degree of client care in our call center.

I' ve been picking up clients and taking them to their destination. When I was a taxi rider I was meeting a variety of different guys from person to person. All in all, the jobs are enjoyable except that at some point I have poor clients. Good workplace for you, if you need it, you get free cabs.

The City Taxi was a great place to work. Everybody was kind. The most beautiful part of my work with City Taxi was the input of my personal information, which I like to do on the computer. The City Taxi also looked at important corporate account balances and package deliveries. Our managers were very well organised.

Most difficult part of the work was the 16h. working day and on call and the most pleasant part was the end results and seeing my men happily at work.

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