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Glovt relaxed the standards for private jet overseas trips Delhi: Private aircraft do not require previous authorisation from the authorities every single day they travel abroad, as provided for by the new regulations of the Directorate-General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Thursday. Previously, aircraft operators had to request a YA number from the DGCA in order to obtain a YA number. "As part of its ongoing efforts to simplify the regulative requirement for air traffic in the nation, the DGCA has reviewed the (Regulations)...

regarding the DGCA's Unscheduled Permit to Fly requirement for India registrated aircraft," she said, adding: "Indian air carriers licensed/authorised to conduct overseas air traffic need not obtain the DGCA's advance approval to conduct overseas Unscheduled Air Traffic to/from customs and immigrant airports," the press statement states.

The DGCA will also grant a five-year permit for private aeroplane operations to operate overseas services, the declaration continues. Mr Kapur said that corporate jetliners are not just a luxurious option, but in most cases a need in times of rapid accessibility and connectivity, essential where timing is essential, and to enable managers to be more effective and prolific by giving them the agility of travelling.

"The abolition of the YA number will make sure that India's overseas carriers can immediately take off and help preserve the nature of commercial aviation," he added.

and where he could take them to see Donald Trump.

DPRK officials usually take the trains when they go overseas, but Kim Jong-un was flying to a Monday encounter with China's President Xi Jainping - which could expand the selection of venues for his next monthly encounter with US President Donald Trump. On his first China tour in March - also his first overseas tour as a guide - Kim drove a 22-piece armored platoon travelling at 60 km/h, just like his famous aerophobe ancestor.

On Monday, however, he took a plane to China's northeastern Chinese capital of Dialian, just 360 kilometers from Pyongyang. Chammae-1, a modificated Soviet airplane of the type Ilyushin Il-62M - was taken at one of the airports in South Korea, one of the most important Soviet aircrafts - Chammae-1. Il-62M, the four-engine legacies plane, has a cruising distance of around 10,000 kilometres and can thus travel non-stop from DPRK to the western coasts of the United States or to major destinations in Europe such as Zurich and Stockholm.

She is more than able to make the 5,000 kilometre journey from Pyongyang to Singapore if a peak between the USA and North Korea were to take place there, as was proposed. Il-62, the long-range slimming jet, was launched in the 1960' s and the Il-62M version was designed in the 1970' s until 1995 when manufacturing ceased.

Meanwhile, Air Koryo, the North Korean flagship and only air company, is operating four of them, among them a modified V.I.P. plane for its president. Kim's younger sibling Kim Yo-jong, who was also part of the Dalian side, had brought the Chammae-1 to Pyeongchang in South Korea as North Korea's Sondergesandte for the Winter Olympics in February.

An Air Koryo Il-62M in Guinea crash occurred in 1983, where it was approached from Pyongyang after making two refueling stop on the way. In addition to Chammae-1, Kim has another private jet, an Antonov An-148 built in the Ukraine, which had its first test mission in 2004 and began series manufacturing in 2009.

In 2013, however, this smaller, newer airplane soon became a leased alternative for the market-leading company - although it has a short cruising distance of about 3,500 km. He was shown and pictured by the DPRK's head of the DPRK press as he boarded or disembarked from the recently acquired An-148 when he took the airplane - with an inside converted for his private use - for a trip over Pyongyang to commemorate the anniversary of his deceased dad in February 2015.

Pictures from the Korean Central News Agency showed Kim seated behind a large wood table with a light and an ash tray, gazing across the Korean capitol from his lush black hide Executive armchair. During the first years of his rule, Kim's photographs of satellites showed that he had constructed several new take-off and landing strips long enough to place this plane next to some of his families' buildings all over the nation, which is another indication of his interest in being photographed in the skies.

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