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With this service you can pay your bills quickly and securely. Payments for electricity bills take up to three business days to be credited to your account. The Plainfield Charter Township Utility Payment Options The easiest way to avoid paying late fees. The Charter Bank's free invoice payment is a service that allows you to pay any or every company through your online banking account.

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Electricity invoices can be paid by either bank transfer or cheque using the procedure below. When you pay online for an overdue bank transfer that is to be closed, there will be a two working days lag when booking to your bank transfer account. It is recommended that you make your payments by bank transfer at the municipal office to prevent any disconnection.

ATTENTION: Point and Pay will debit your online store with a $1.50 per $50 pending transaction to your name. However, the cost of the purchase is not included ($1.50 for credits up to $50; $3.00 for credits between $50.01-$100, etc.) The cost of making an EFT is $3.00. If you wish to pay by cash order, please complete the following instructions (please go to the end):

To make a installment, modify the amount in the Amount field. Continue to the end. Once your transaction has been authorised, you will receive a verification number which you should keep for your reference.

Wellcome to Plainfield Municipality Charter Township

Log in to have your quarterly payments on the due date drawn from your current or saving accounts automatic. Automatic pension bill payments are free, secure and easy. On-line payments - click HERE to pay on-line. Bill Billing - Your local banking institution can provide an on-line bill billing facility.

The setup is done on your bank's website and your local branch will directly ship the funds to Plainfield Charter Township. Make sure that you establish creditors separately for the payment of electricity and taxes under your electricity bill number. Payment by mail - Use the cover enclosed with your electricity bill.

Township hour in person - Monday - Thursday 7:30 - 17:00 and Friday 7:30 - 11:30 dropping box - Plainfield Township has two dropping box in townhall where payment can be made around the clock. Call-to-Pay - Call 844-810-7246 (have your bill ready to give your bank number).

Online EFT $0.95. There is an extra charge of $0.75 for telephone payment.

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