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As with most of your private aviation choices, it is your personal preference. Personal assistant in business aviation. What is the treatment of personal travel?

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Trouble: finding a plane and organizing a 3 hour trip. BJ's Personal Wizard offers an optional brand-new ultralong haul plane that was 62% less expensive than commercial value. It took 2 hrs to get the plane there and it was supervised at every phase. Our work is not finished even after signing the agreement, receipt of payments and the start of preparations for the flights.

We' ll make sure the plane is finished on schedule. In addition, we ensure that all necessary permits are issued by airport and civilian aeronautical authority. Issue: the procurement of a large airplane for a company trip. The personal wizard provided 10 different choices that met the client's stringent security needs. Once the customer had selected the plane and contracted, BJ supervised the entire process.

Issue: Finding an airplane capable of carrying a person in a serious health care state. BJ's personal assistent provided an airplane that was fully fitted with physicians and equipment. Following the completion of the preparatory phase and the collection of the necessary documentation, the successful organisation and monitoring of the mission was completed. No matter which way you select, you will not receive any unjustified invoices after the trip.

Our services are operated by professionals with more than 5 years of business air travel industry expertise. At least two employees will take good care of your flight: we offer a real 24/7 wait. A personal business airline assistent will always be there for you, from air plane to airplane: this is how we establish a long-term business relation with you.

Haus explores the use of jets by members of the federal administration.

White House researchers probe Spitzentrumpf administrators officers who were flying on goverment aircraft and costly privately chartered jets as they travelled across the land on goverment and personal businesses. Domestic oversight has asked Minister of Health and Social Affairs Tom Price and other cabinet officers for responses on how much taxpayers pay for them.

According to federal regulations, officers are said to use the "fastest" means of transport and "by no means imply personal use," chairman Trey Gowdy and senior member Elijah Cummings said in a note to Priceware. Prize issued more than $400,000 for taxpayer-financed personal jets since May, the site said.

Tuesday's tale revealed how Price's travels paired personal and formal journeys, complete with a $17,760 round voyage on a Nashville chartership where Price remained for less than six hour and had lunch with his boy, the website cited. As soon as the vehicle got out of the pocket, Price said he would stop taking personal jets until the HHS general supervisor finished a check of his expensive travels on taxpayers' doime.

Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin was also on the stool for a journey that he and his designer-loving woman took to Fort Knox to observe the moon' dark. Wanting to use a ruling jets for his Europe holiday, he later withdrawn his application. The EPA secretary Scott Pruitt also used personal aircraft, CBS News said.

Both Gowdy and Cummings want detail on the use of non-commercial aircraft by executive officers, encompassing aircraft manifest, destinations, purposes and costs, and operational data.

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