Outstation Cab Service

Outer station cabin service

Worst ever outstation cabin service experiences - Review of Gozo Cabs, New Delhi, India It was a pitiful service. I' d never refer anybody to GoZo Cabs. That was clearly a bumper on ourjourney. Well, the rider was kind. GoZo Cabs was used to hire a one-way rider from Coimbatore to Bandipur Parc.

We' ve had a marvelous time. Drivers were early, localized us slightly and we set off.

My chauffeur was sure and competent. Our experiences pleased us so much that we asked if he would come back in two working nights and take us to Mysore. The GoZo Cabs has taken this into account without any problems. We' ve got a new rider, but he has done a good job. Mmm.

Be sure to arrange your route in advance, as GoZo is a taxiservice and not a tourist guidebook, so my advice to prevent aging is km/fare to be clear about what you need ahead of you. Our map had to be used for the journey from Delhi to Rishikish.

Besides, the chauffeur had three telephones. DS Wanderers, we are sorry for your experiences with the rider, if you can pass on your Reservation ID, we will blame the rider for text messages or conversations while on the move. Again, we are sorry for your past experiences and we ask you to contact us or just respond to our client response e-mail that you get at the end of each itinerary.

At Gozo Cabs, we make every effort to satisfy you wherever you are travelling with us through India. A taxi reserved for a Delhi-Agra journey - Reservation ID NC270289901826906 via Make My trip. After 10-15 min we noticed that he was riding very irregularly.

Horrible experiance.

Terrible experiance. Your feed-back has been taken very seriously and we appreciate that the rider has uselessly made his timetable inefficient. That also goes beyond our service ethic. Have you been to Gozo Cabs? Sharing your stories!

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