Sri Lanka Flight Charges

Srilankan flight costs

Booking flights to Sri Lanka | Flight to Sri Lanka Sarajevo is an unbelievably tranquil holiday resort where you can freshen your spirit and your whole being. Sri Lanka is a stunning Indian Ocean isle, from beach to sea, from teak garden to historic wreck. The Gangaramaya Vihara Temple and Seema Malaka are the two most popular of Colombo's ancient monasteries.

Colombo beaches stretch for kilometres and offer a variety of aquatic sporting opportunities. And, of course, to appreciate the Sri Lankan cultural legacy, a Colombo daily trip is a must. Sarajevo is an exceptionally secure place to go with your ancestors.

Things you can do in Columbo

In 2009 Columbo experienced a revival and tourist boom. Travelling to Columbo will take you to intelligent new hotel complexes, roof-top nightclubs, cafes, bars and arts centers, all of which will quickly revive the fate of this ever more cosmopolitan town. From 1505 to 1948, Sri Lanka was under Colonial domination, and the Portuguese, Dutch and British building style is still clearly visible.

Among the prominent attractions are the Old Dutch Hospital, today an elegant dining and mall, as well as the carefully renovated National Museum and the Galle Face Hotel. There is no apparent center in the town; attractions, eateries and stores are spread over a large area. Colombo doesn't need a shortage of intelligent accommodation, but you can cut a few pounds by choosing one of the many affordable and mid-range establishments and staying at the typical Sri Lankan dining establishments.

Later in the day, the 800 metre long Face Green bile is enlivened by a series of games including crime, hang-gliding and family picnics. Kingsbury Hotel's Sky Lounge, an elegant roof-top location for the night, offers a bird's view of the city. Colombos present-day arts community is internationally recognized and its gifted performers have more choices than ever before.

Columbo is offering some great retailing therapies. The former Geoffrey Bawa office provided a classy backdrop for some of the city's best multinational merger kitchens. The monochromatic interior of the Paradise Road owner, Shanth Fernando, is decorated with modern arts, and desks are shed into a vibrant patio. It' a man-made setting, but the coffin-dressed stewards, the gorgeous bana trees and the genuine food - order the jack fruit seedsurry - make it look like tradition.

Situated on the fifth storey and connected to a bustling place of night life, this fifth storey bar and dining area has floor-to-ceiling window overlooking Lipton Circus and Union Place. The rooms in this affordably priced skyscraper are situated by the seaside along the Marine Drive and are sleek and modern, many with stunning ocean view. Roof of the ON14 hotels, where you will find a swimming pools and a night life.

You know from the moment you sign up for The Cinnamon Grand that you are expecting an outstanding time. Born in 1864, this seafront resort has one of the best sites in Colombo, right next to the Galle Face Green. The rooms are divided into two parts - classical and modern - and shared amenities include a saltwater swimming pool, spas, restaurants, lounge areas and a beautiful patio overlooking the ocean.

For additional fees for chauffeurs under the 30s, please refer to the general rental agreement. In the following you will find a choice of our flight targets, which should arouse your interest. Let yourself be inspire and let us help you planning and booking your next flight or vacation. Let yourself be inspire and let us help you planning and booking your next flight or vacation.

Let yourself be inspire and let us help you planning and booking your next flight or vacation.

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