Buy your own Private Jet

Purchase your own private jet

In the end, it's all there, but also the key factor that drives your Jet network, you have your customer. In short, this is how it works when you own a private jet. What is the procedure for ownership of a private jet?

I' ve only been in the aeronautical industry for about two month, but since my first traineeship took place with a private jet management, operation and charter firm, I think I will try this one. Although I may not have the kind of professional background that many of you have here, I will try to give you some good ideas on how things worked with the business where I did an intern.

Thing is, the ownership of an airplane in principle anyone with enough papers can do. The operation, management and maintenance of the flight conditions is much more complicated. In the end, everything stands, but also the crucial factors that drive your Jet networking, you have your customers.

When the customer does not yet have an aeroplane but is looking for one, he can either get in touch with a real estate agent or an aeroplane operating firm such as the one I have described. If so, either through the help of the firm (which ensures that prices are reasonable and checks the state of the aeroplane before you buy it) or an agent, or if you have already purchased an aeroplane, the owners of the aeroplane are willing to be administered.

Now, can't you just throw the airplane into a hanger, hitch a fighter pilots and make it go whenever you want? Now, that's what you end up with when you let a business manage your plan. However, there is a great deal of work that needs to be done by the firm to meet your flight needs.

Now, for the start, you need to make sure that the aircraft is correctly registred, according to what type of flight you want to make. You have different documentation, constraints and constraints (e.g. how long your flight can last in a given time) according to whether you are travelling for business or pleasure.

In addition, you have the question whether the aircraft should be recorded in the correct state. When you buy an aircraft from another state with another Air worthiness agency (unfortunately, there is not 1 single authority), you have to go through additional costs and procedures to make your aircraft "airworthy" (legal to fly).

Then you must also enter the level. One way or the other, you have to keep an eye on when these inspection have to be carried out and how long the aircraft is out of order, so that the client can't get along without an aircraft when he needs it. While the Management Firm cannot perform the servicing itself, it can monitor the mechanics for the third parties' own work.

When something goes bad on the airplane, it takes a fortune to repair and overhaul it. That' s why you get engine, aircraft and human engine health care coverage. But if you fly to hazardous areas such as Ukraine, the insurer will tell you that it will not insure you for that trip.

Risk increases when you enter a region of violent politics or fighting. It is also important to ensure that your client has all the necessary visas, that your crews have the necessary special aviation skills and that many other documentary and maintenance activities are carried out. At the end of the day, the client can choose any desired type of manager, from full services to support in scheduling flights.

If a client wants it too, he can allow the airline to lease the aircraft if the client does not use it to hire for other persons and thus earn the airline and the client some cash. The aircraft are engineered to continue to fly and stay on the floor, which ultimately costs much more to stay on.

Hopefully this has given you a certain sense of what it's like to be not only on the client side of ownership of an aircraft, but also an inside look at how things work behind the curtains.

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