Pilot Flight Training

training of pilots

Training as a commercial pilot | Become a commercial pilot in less than 6 month! In contrast to an on-the-job training, the Pilot Pathway Program allows the student to stay on his or her own student aircraft in order to finish their flight training until they are able to fulfill the requirements of the Airline Transport Pilot Standard. Every Kadet is supervised on an individual basis by individual skyWest pilot and may have the option to attend recruitment sessions and outdoor programmes.

SkyWest Pathway Program provides a clear way for flyers to start their careers at SkyWest Airlines, where they experience the powerful cultures of professionality, collaboration and achievement for which SkyWest is renowned. Now take over your own careers.

Costs for pilot training

One of the major concerns for some prospective pilots is "How much does the pilot training course charge? Pricing is estimated and calculated on the basis of the Training Courses (TCO) required by the Cadets to complete the various programmes. There is no obligation for all our rates. The experiences of the individual cadets may differ and the lessons or expenses may differ from those stated here.

Pricing includes petrol and flight testing (unless the learner does not pass the test, in which case extra flight testing will be required). Pricing excludes TCO excess charge, overflight TCO, entrance fee, book, inventory, TSA handling, TSA request fee and Extension.

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