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New York yellow taxis get their own app.

The yellow taxi's getting out. New app named Arro wants to help the yellow taxi to rival Uber. Launched in early September in New York City, the app will allow drivers to call yellow taxi cars from their mobile handsets - a premiere for the legendary taxi.

The Arro will allow passengers to continue to pay for their taxis even if they are stopped on the road. NYC's yellow taxi crises. It will also work with taxis outside Manhattan, and Arro is hoping to extend it to other cities across the state. Great victory for Uber, New York retreats.

Arro has entered into a market introduction agreement with Creative Mobile Technologies, which operates the fare collection system in approximately half of the 13,600 yellow New York-city taxis. And Arro also expects to partner with Verifone, another large enterprise serving urban cabins. Each app allows the customer to charge taxi rates and could be used in combination with the cab-hailing Arro.

Gelbe taxi driver use this app to rival Uber.

While he may be driving a yellow cab, Mario Sanchez is relying strongly on tech for his work. Mr. Sanchez uses StreetSmart, a new app that forecasts the best route for riders to find clients using information and AI. It'?s no mystery that Uber and Lyft have transformed the New York City cab scene.

Sanchez, who travels up to 60 hrs a day, has therefore declared himself ready to be the first StreetSmart test rider in 2016. "Sanchez said to me when I was in his cab last weekend, "The business is evolving, we have to adjust. "According to Sanchez, who rides one of the 13,587 cabs in New York City, the app has enabled him to sustain - and grow - his incomes at a heightened competitive rate.

Over has more than 50,000 riders in New York; Lyft has about 30,000 (many riders work for both companies). The StreetSmart solution gathers and analyses historic information about favorite pick-up and drop-off points, as well as transportation, meteorological, and local transportation plans. Using automatic learner control algorithm to forecast the best driver routing at a given point in the journey, it gives the approximate amount of travel to the next driver.

The StreetSmart team recently partnered with Verifone (PAY) in New York City. Over the next few month, Verifone, which has taximeters, cardholders, and television sets in about 60% of New York taxis, will be integrating StreetSmart into its new rider dashboard. This means that riders do not need to install the app on their mobile phone to use the services.

However, according to Jason Gross, Verifone Head of Verifone International Products and Markets, working with StreetSmart is an important new move to help car owners better understand what is still the bulk of the taxi business: "We thought: "How can we make this more effective, cut downtime and make it faster for road travel?

" StreetSmart is simple to use for riders like Sanchez. "Sanchez, who was brought up and bred in the Lower East Side, said, "It lets me walk down the roads I've never visited before. The StreetSmart does not give instructions once the driver has collected the passenger, but many riders know their way around the New York street like the back of their hand.

Talking to taxi riders while designing the products, co-founder Asaf Roz said that most riders made choices on the basis of misunderstandings or previous experience. Roz said, "Airport journeys are seen by many riders as "the sacred grail," but riders can expect to be waiting two and a half hour after cancelling an airside trip due to the number of riders there.

"Driver don't earn enough cash and often drive around empty," he said. Initial results are encouraging, said Roz, who said that the start-up has carried out a pilot project with a few tens of riders in New York City. Users of the app increased their incomes by 15% and were 22% more employed than those who did not use the app over a three-month timeframe.

StreetSmart is currently working on winning clients. More recent riders such as Sanchez, who has been riding a yellow taxi for five years, are more likely to try the taxi ride, he added. That' s why StreetSmart is working with LaGuardia Community College, the biggest and oldest TLC college in New York, to bring newly embossed riders into its app.

Roz, who said he has raised $2 million in financing for StreetSmart, said the firm is "platform agnostic," which means yellow taxi-drivers are not the only possible beneficiaries fo its invention. The StreetSmart can be integrated with other disposition system such as Uber or Lyft to help fleet companies anticipated market demands and maximise their overall efficiencies.

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