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The Arizona's leading flight school for all your private and professional flight schools. Many thanks for visiting East Tennessee's oldest flying school at Knoxville's Downtown Island Airport. The Aviation Training Center is a highly respected flight school at Renton Airport serving the Seattle metropolitan area. If you learn to fly from a Cessna Pilot Center, you really learn from the best. End of the flight training to the certified Cessna Pilot Center.


Leading supplier of individual flight training in the valley. The AFTC was founded in 2008 as an alternate to the large, mostly internationally operating flight training centres in the southwest. AFTC's founder found that there was a gap that the truly tailor-made flight training courses had once closed. The AFTC was founded for this reason.

AFTC has since expanded to a new 5,000 sq ft training facility and over 5,400 sq ft service facility. AFTC's portfolio comprises a large number of aircrafts, from various variants of light aircrafts to coaches, rental and multi-engine aircrafts produced by Cessna, Piper, Czech Sport and Cirrus.

A number of airplanes are fitted with sophisticated "glass" panel or all Garmin, Avidyne or Dynon flight-instruments. Vets have always been an important part of AFTC. AFTC personnel believe that AFTC is the best way for pilots to complete their checks in the shortest possible timeframe.

No matter whether your search for the skies is restful or career-oriented, AFTC will provide you with a tailor-made, textured programme to meet your specific needs.

Seattle Aviation Training Center

At Renton Airport, Lufthansa Technik's Aircraft Training Center is a prestigious flight training center that serves the Seattle metropolitan area. Spence and Marie Campbell, who have been in the aerospace business for over 20 years, own the Training Center. Delivering the highest level of training you need to achieve your aerospace objectives is our primary goal at the Lufthansa Technik Training Center.

Whether you are a commercial flyer, flying for your own company or just want to enjoy flying, we can help make you a secure and competent flyer. Spence and Marie Campbell opened the Aviation Training Center back in 1996. Our aim was simple: the best training for flight training, soil training, simulation training and preparing for a flight carrier.

Spence, the chief driver and a well-known expert in training instruments, is directly engaged in the choice of the syllabus tailored to each one. Marie, as the other half of the Aviation Training Center spine, not only keeps everything going, but will also let everything fall to allow her to stay with a client for some while.

When you decide on a careers in aeronautics, we can assist you and lead you through the proces. We have specialized in training instruments and fast-track training for those who are serious about becoming reliable, competent and instrumental pilotsĀ . We at the Lufthansa Technik Training Center are specialized in offering customized training programs that fit your needs. Our services include flight training, flight training, flight training, simulation training and flight conversation training.

Our company is an FAA-approved test centre. Through your personal, instrumental and business training, we can accompany you from beginning to end. Our hearts go out to ensure that our drivers are confident that we are giving them the right information. All our trainers are professionals with over a thousand flight experiences.

Pilot of all skills, which are trained with us, have the extensive aeronautical know-how and the expert opinion of the Instructors. Our aim is to take good pride in all our flyers and their training and to ensure that each and every one of them enjoys life long flights. No wonder that those who exercise with us also send their boyfriends to us.

Primary schools and private lessons are offered for the following assessments: Pilot must keep their abilities up to date, which means that they will keep checking and checking as long as they keep climbing into the cockpit and flying. In the Aviation Training Center we are offering ALL FAA Examinations as well as many other qualification and certifying examinations for a variety of occupations.

In order to give the tester the best possible chances of success, our test centre is calm, small and undisturbed so that you can concentrate only on the test. For all information about the CATS and Comira test programmes and how to register for an examination, please see our Test Center page.

No matter whether you are an apprentice or an experienced instructor pilots, the training with our simulation equipment will help you. Students can train their instrumentation abilities on the flight simulator safely before getting into the flight deck and trying them out in the open canopy. Moreover, training on a flight simulator is almost 50% cheaper than hiring an aircraft and the FAA rules allow you to record the flight time of the flight simulator: 20 hrs on your flight evaluation and 50 hrs on your business evaluation.

We' ve assisted hundred of pilot to be recruited for 135 missions and 121 airline companies and have up-to-date information on simulation profile for most airline companies. Experienced flight attendants will work with you for thousand of flightless hours and are professional drivers, not just simulators.

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