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Travelling hacking: Save cash and find great value airfares Hey, you always looking for ways to travel and cut your budget? It didn't take me a long time, though. It' a little something I found that inside people call "travel hacking." Findin' cheaper planes is a little bit of a mystery. We are co-founders of a travel agency, bringing our teams all over the globe and trying to make it as smart as possible.

And we take travel chopping seriously. And the more cash we make on our flight, the more cash we have available to pay for unbelievable adventures. If you look at historic dates and observe the trend of recent years, you will find that it is most economic to sit down in the midst of the weekly Tuesday-Thursday period to make reservations.

FareCompare. compare a survey here and said that Wednesday at 15 ET is the best flight booking for you. Use the +/- 3 Tage badge to see which date is best and you can make a saving. First research flight to the DPS Bali International Airfield.

Those big hub will be much less expensive, so look for a place airline like AirAsia to find the remainder of the way there. I found JFK to Taipei non-stop for $1000 and then TPE to Bali for $300 for our U30X journey to Bali. I will have even more pleasure to visit Taipei as long as I want.... recall... it's all about the feeling!

Look for your Bali connection and see which airport offers the best value for money. So I found Taipei - not a town in Asia I would ever go to, but that's where most low cost air travel stopped. I buy a second pass and go to Bali for less money.

Many of the lowest cost air fares are those that most individuals consider to be the worse - with long stays. Booking your Icelandair ticket and spending the whole relaxed afternoon in the Blue Lagoon. A number of websites, such as Kajak and Bing Travel, use past trip information to forecast fares for future trips.

When flying to unexplored places like Nicaragua, we always find that the prize predicators tell us to hold off. It is not unusual that Managua is only half full and that cheap prices are getting lower over the years. Be careful, because every single flight can skip if it gets too near.

Recently I could not take a plane from Miami to Managua because our participants purchased all the tickets. Had to spend a whole bunch more on another carrier and travel alone. Obviously, this may sound a bit difficult, but you need to avoid unforeseen situations or cancelled planes. World Nomads Travel Insurance is recommended to help prevent you or your travel companion from cancelling your travel if you become ill, a family member is dying or your journey is disrupted due to bad weather. Please contact World Nomads Travel Insurance for more information.

It may not spare you the cash for your plane, but it will rescue your butt in an emergency. Sure. I have dedicated my whole of my live and my shop to travel, so I decided to buy an American Express Platinum customer loyalty ticket. You can find miles bonus on a low APR debit balance that in theory lets you travel for one or two years without any cash.....

Please try to make a booking with them, even if they are a little more costly. They' ll catch up in the long run with free rides. My preference for Delta is because I get three times more points when I make a booking through American Express Travel. Twice the points for every travel cost I incur at my company and then the Delta mileage.

Kayak lets them liken you to the big boys like Orbitz, Expedia,, etc.... but don't miss the other pages like CheapOair, Airfarewatchdog, Skyscanner and Google Flights. Naturally, you should always visit the airline's website directly and the nearest airlines. You can set up pricing alerting on many of these websites, and they will e-mail you with any changes in prices.

If you want to observe the planes for a while, the general rule is: the sooner you make your reservation, the better. Pricing predicators (as noted in tip #6) seldom say that their prices will fall. Here is my general procedure for making bookings: Look for the kayak for the desired route and verify the fare indicator.

In case the distance to the destination is more than 3-4 moths, I make a ticket inquiry and observe the ticket number. One Tuesday or Wednesday, at the beginning of the monthly, after my major bank account has gone through a new accounting process, I recheck the ticket in the major searching engine and then go to American Express Travel, where I can make as many payments as possible by lowering the ticket and putting the balance on my account.

Check out this episode I did with Jamie Zeller, writer of the Travel Hacking Pocket Guide.

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