Thailand Taxi Receipt

Thai Taxi Receipt

In Bangkok, do taxi drivers issue receipts? Somebody told me they were, but I've never run across any of them with a block of receipts. If I have to reclaim taxi fares, I can only do so with a receipt.

So why don't Thailand taxi drivers give a receipt?

Most of them don't, so it's just a question of destiny? if you get in and the rider has a measuring device with a built-in printing device. Taxi shop is still very much in the works to bring it here to a worlds best state. Yes, Thai-Taxi only recently begins issuing tax receipt, but not all of them.

When you want a document, you can post it and request it.... As a Californian and US national, I am not familiar with Thai taxi taxis. a Thai taxi cabbie would give you a receipt if you asked for one. A kind of "quid per quo", if the receipt is as important to you as the tip for the rider, then make it clear to them and I'm sure you'll get a receipt.

Reciepts from Bangkok taxi driver

I' ve been travelling Bangkok regularly since February 2003, and I have never got a receipt. However, receipt is essentially totally unheard of in the Bangkok cabs. At the end of the few attempts I made and succeeded in making my wish come true, I added chance numbers and notes from Thailand to torn bits of piece of paper.

Hang*cough...*I'll reply as soon as I can stop smiling....... When you have expenditure reports like I had them, give the one taxi driver you find with a receipt books a few additional hats and get some "extra" receipt...... I' ll reply as soon as I can stop smiling... thanks to all the other poster people for their useful commentaries. That's something I just never thought about before I was informed I had to have a receipt for EVERYTHING.

I' m assuming your bookkeeping group doesn't know Thai, so a receipt from a native would be pretty futile.... I' d have some general paper/receipts that look like my own if really necessary, and put out the date and amount from/to in English and ask the taxi cab owner to please autograph to solve any bookkeeping problems.

In this way it is something they understood, but it was "signed" by the rider to make it formal. The bookkeeping department will accept a written confirmation from me that I have issued Y for Thai cabs.

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