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Please see the travel guides, but nothing will fully equip you for the Indian adventure. Mornings you can see remnants of civilisations from the sixth centuries BC and celebrate at a Hard Rock Café at midnight. Whilst most visitor make a line for the Taj Mahal and Varanasi, there is much to see off the beaten track.

Puri's Puri beach in Orissa, the Kerala baking waters, the Pondicherry district in France, the Khajuraho temple and the Lakshadweep island are relatively free of the common masses of people and long lines. You' ll never be scarce on lndian kitchens to pick from. Adventurers can move from the more secure curry to the more traditionally grown dosa, birdyanis, dhoklas and cucumber.

Except for the "dry" state of Gujarat, alcoholic beverages are widespread, although they are not widely promoted in more liberal parts of the state.

Sailing to India

There is one big problem for most west Indian tourists: the mere scale. Not only is India geographically large between the Indian Ocean and the Himalayas, but also in relation to its populace. It has a 1.3 billion inhabitant and fourfold more than the USA and twice as many Europeans.

For those who have little free travel to India, the classical India trip is in the north around the New Delhi city. Delhi, like all Indian towns, is alive, noisy and messy. However, you should at least see Hamayun's tomb, the first of a string of graves in India that peaked with the worlds-renowned and legendary Taj Mahal in Agra.

Yes, on your first trip to India you want to see this, and to get from Delhi to Agra, take the Shatabdi Rail to see the scenery passing by. If you are in Agra and have had your days at the grave that Mogul Shah Jahan made for his favourite woman Mumtaz Mahal, you can also look around the town.

Agra Fort, also known as Red Fort, is definitely a must, as is Mankameshwar Temple near the Red Fort. If you have made the Delhi-to-Agra journey, you can also shut the so-called Golden Triangle of North India Tourist and Jaipur, also known as the Pink City.

Located in the state of Rajasthan, it illustrates the picture of India. When you want to go further into India, go to Darjeeling and take the so-called toys railway, a small steam-powered railway that used to take the wealthy English to their colder vacation cottages high up in the heights.

You can also go to the sacred town of Varanasi, centrally located for the Hindus religious community. Explore the incredible Konark Sun Temple on the eastern shore of India, which is eight hundred years old and a cultural monument. Tamil Nadu is the south state of India and encompasses the south tip of India. India's smallest state was a Portugese settlement for centuries and has been a popular place for backpackers since the end of the 1960s.

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