Fly in a Fighter Jet Experience

Flying in a Fighter Jet Experience

Combat aircraft, Ottawa Buckle up and experience the force of an L-29 fighter as you float over Ottawa and the parliament buildings. Darts across the skies and experience for yourself the abilities needed to pilot a Cold War fighter! You can try your out in your wetsuit if you have the feeling that you have the right material!

Every single flights is specially designed for you. And if you want a beautiful, calm ride, that's certainly okay. The L-29 Fighter Jet flying experience begins with a pre-flight briefing under the direction of experienced pilots who will help get you ready for the excitement ahead. You' ll find out more about the pre-flight phase of the jet, a look at the aircraft's equilibrium and weights, the calculation of the flying characteristics and last but not least an introduction to the security system.

Your journey begins with the exceptionally cold noise of the jet engines taking off, a fast cab and take-off - your journey is on! Dependent on your chosen airfoil, you will fly at up to 520 km/h and up to 10,000 feet. It takes 30 min. from the moment you turn on the aircraft to the moment you switch off the power.

You will be able to make turns, fly straightaway and fly high during your flights. Our flights are designed for you and how you are feeling. You can take as many photos as you like after your trip. Receive a short debriefing with your pilots about the flights and receive your flying certification.

Experience in formations - Fly together in formations! It' s now form airborne, a 30-minute ride, along with another jet, airborne form airborne, form airborne and ultimately..... is the most thrilling and funniest of all. The Red Baron thing... in a jet fighter! Air highlights:

Stunning 20-minute ride. Assume control of a genuine L29 dolphin combat aircraft. The scope of delivery includes a restricted fitting patch and a "Flying Challenge Coin". Pilots licence not necessary. When you have a past record, recent or recent condition such as cardiac problems, a physician's certificate is needed to release you for the trip.

That would have to be communicated before the trip. Passengers are obliged to signs a declaration of surrender in order to clear the aeroplane for the journey. Pilot have the right to deny any flights for security reasons. Closed boots are necessary. We recommend that you arriving 30 to 45 min before your planned flying hours.

We offer you a flying costume which you can carry during your flights. Adventure providers may reject a passenger for security reason. You can postpone a plane in this case.

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