Fighter Jet Flight Experience

The Fighter Jet Flight Experience

Fulfill your dream and fly a fighter plane, no matter what your profession. Enjoy an adventure flight like no other with Australia's oldest adventure jet operator: You will stay in contact with the pilot throughout the entire jet fighter flight. Go for a flight in a fighter plane. So if you've always wanted to get on a fighter plane, we have the experience for you! However, be aware that fighting in a fighter plane is not for the weak of nerves!

This is the ultimative exciting adventure! You' ll be able to go at sub-sound speed and experience stunning maneuvers at 16,000 feet; roll and drag through the skies, take part in G-pulling dog fights, and experience high and low yo-yos.

This experience takes place in the USA and in Europe. They will experience your flight in a MiG 29 or L-39 Alabatros.

Air travel and goods

Throughout this period we are engaged in transporting travellers coming from all over the globe to our base in the Waterloo International Airport region. You can buy a membership in the Join Us section of the website or in the shop when buying a flight. As soon as you have registered as a member, you can buy a flight upgrades for any of our planes.

The flight experience lasts 30 min, with about 20 min flight duration. Flight starts with the rumbling of the engines, a fast cab and take-off! Up to 650 km/h and up to 12,000 feet high, you and your driver are behind the wheel of a wonderful historical jetliner.

Throughout your flight, you'll sense low-level pass, overlap pauses, and G's insertion as you're pushed into your fit! Maybe your pilots will even give you the chance to take control and do some soft manoeuvres! At the end of the flight it is possible to take photos and have a short debriefing with your flight instructor about the flight.

You' ll receive your certification and a copy of your flight your flight your digitally will reach you in the next few day to make sure you never forgive it! You can buy your flight in our shop below.

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