Helicopter Lease Rates

Rental prices for helicopters

Specialized in Robinson R22 & R44 Helicopter Leasing Usually, a lease contract is the most intelligent and cost-effective way to "own" an airplane. Lease offers most individual and corporate customers a variety of advantages and relieves them of a number of risk factors that make "owning" the plane a truly enjoyable time. It is one of the reasons why 80% of business owners choose to lease rather than buy and finance:

The use of the helicopter and not its property is what brings out the advantages of the helicopter. Procurement & Financing: When you buy a brand-new Robinson helicopter, a non-refundable down payment of $10,000 for an R22 or $25,000 for an RH44 is due at the date of your order.

Once you have received the helicopter, your creditor will require a down pay of at least 20% typical and the VAT may be added to your advance costs. Before you ever see the helicopter, your overall costs will be at least $50,000 and may even top $150,000. When you rent a helicopter, your only advance costs are a small bond.

These deposits are fully recoverable, while in the purchase case the VAT and a significant part of the down pay (due to depreciation) would not be returned to your inbox. Thus, not only does lease lead to significantly lower pre-production costs, but also to significant overall economies. Purchase & Financing:

If you are financing your helicopter, all your capital shares of your credit repayments, your deposit included, are bound in this helicopter and you cannot profit from this significant capital. You rent that helicopter, you don't have any principal repayments. The helicopter is only used for real use.

Purchase & Financing: Lending money from a creditor for an expense like a helicopter reduces your line of credit significantly and your capacity to obtain all credits for other needs. Funding may even involve extra security to cover the debt, further narrowing your residual line of debt.

Lease offers you the same use of the helicopter, but without affecting your line of credit. What's more, you get the same benefits from your helicopter. Use the helicopter as needed and make payment for your use. Procurement & Financing: Buying a helicopter leads to a considerable commitment in your account. As a rule, operational lease agreements are restructured in accordance with the FASB 13 regulations, i.e. the lease agreement does not have to appear in the consolidated statements of operations for presentation thereon.

In your profit and loss account, your leasing repayments are just handled as fully tax-deductible rental/leasing outlays. The recognition of an off-balance lease may have both immediate and consequential economic advantages. Short-term employee benefit plans contain lower amounts than if the total consideration was funded by a credit. Indirect advantages arise from better key financials in the accounts and thus from better key financials.

Purchase & Financing: When you own the helicopter, you can write off this value and subtract your interest on the credit. Your share of your own capital in your credit repayments, however, is not deductable for taxation purposes. When you lease the helicopter, the total lease consideration for each individual lease consideration is usually expensed and as such fully treated as income withholding.

Procurement & Financing: When you buy and own the helicopter, the real cost of your flying lessons can only be calculated after you have purchased the helicopter. Depending on the markets and how fast you have to buy the helicopter, the selling prices can change a lot, so that every flying lesson can be $50-$100 more than planned.

When you rent a helicopter, all your ?ownership├»┬Ż expenses (i.e. your lease payments) are fully known in advance. Leaseholders assume the full fair value exposure, so that if the markets decline, the leaseholder (and not the lessee) loses. Purchase & Financing: The Robinson helicopter must be completely overhauled every 2,200 flying hrs.

This kind of overhaul costs you about $100,000 for a $22 and about $150,000 for a $44. In addition, your helicopter will be out of operation for about six months during the overhaul. A lot of expenditure such as credit repayments continues without the helicopter being available for the air. When you rent a helicopter, you don't have to be concerned about maintenance.

When the rented helicopter is approaching the end of the maintenance period, the rental contract ends and you can easily give the helicopter back to the landlord without any fees or hassles. Purchase & Financing: In order to make the possession cost-effective, you should run your helicopter for many years. When you rent the helicopter, your deployment can be of much less length.

In addition, you have many flexibility at the end of your lease: When you no longer need the helicopter, just give it back to the landlord without having to find a purchaser. Exchange the helicopter for another helicopter with choices that better suit your evolving needs. Extend your lease if the helicopter serves you well.

Buy the helicopter if you find that the property is becoming more advantageous to you for any reasons.

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