Private Jet Charter Reviews

Charter Reviews

Check out customer testimonials and reviews to find out why Stratos Jet Charters customers keep coming back! to advance our choices and our businesses to continually enhance our services. for each individual charter. the most appropriate, safest and cost-effective charter experience."

to advance our choices and our businesses to continually enhance our services. for each individual charter. the most appropriate, safest and cost-effective charter experience." Following are unrequested customer remarks after your charter. Job." You had two Air Force C-5 pilot on that plane and we are usually not very good people.

Faster, more efficient and good customer care, and fares were at or below what I paid in the past. 6-7 flights a year for both individuals and companies and I always know that I will be able to operate safe with high class aircraft, skilled and friendly pilot at a reasonable cost.

You have really proved to be the best charter airline you can work with. In any case, I will continue to refer your service and call you next one. Our customers have always been very satisfied with their service and that of their charter companies. What we like very much is that they always really highly skilled, experienced drivers with all their planes.

In the past, other charter suits we have used have been sent by young, unexperienced drivers, who often lack professionality and did not trust us. Thanks for being so kind and moving the plane in on such short notice! Thank you! "Michelle- thank you for your awesome help early in the morning (especially early for you)...smooth flying, great crews, great gear.

Again, your offers were the most sensible and the services were, as always, first-rate. "As new clients in the private aerospace sector, we were stunned when we tried to assess all available choices. Her thorough understanding of the available gear resulted in an effective ride with the best prices we have ever seen.

While the plane was awaiting us when we reached the airfield, the kind and courteous staff helped us with our baggage and made our trip comfy. Overall, the level of customer care was excellent. "Thank you very much for your great services and the work on weekend and night to make this shooting possible.

Superior client support. In any case, one could not have wished for better services. Every Monday we would like to book a flight for the next two month. "Thank you again for all your help... once again New Flight is saving the tag! "Our flight from EGE to DAL last Friday was great.

" "All I wanted was for you to know that everything was going well and that we were satisfied with the services, the transportation and so on. Obviously, you'll be my first call if we have to go private. Friendly jet, great flying crew and caterer. "And we were very much taken with them in every respect.

Actually, all your charterers were great. "It was a great ride. I' ll get in contact with you for charter in the near term. Usually when your folks don't discuss the transport, it means it went well. It makes high-end craftsmanship proud and it is done the way it should be.

There was a great flying team and they want to go with them again. I' ll be in Europe for 6 week to work, but I'll come with you for more charter when I get back. "Thank you for your prompt reply, and the trip went off without a hitch. "Thank you for your help and your extreme speed of delivery.

It was a great airplane, very friendly pilot and a trouble-free ride. In addition, the crew who went both ways - down and behind - were kind, polite and enthousiastic. This type of servicing is even more important than the aircraft dimensions! You' re a stand-up group, and it's great to work with you.

I just wanted to thank you for so much assisting us with the great charter from Trenton and the return from LAX. We really loved having cabin attendant Tara on our airplane. And she was balanced, reflective and really cute. Excellent customer care! We had a great airplane and a great flight crews, and they drove a few leagues out of the way to prevent a storm so we didn't have a rough trip.

" "We' re planning to charter with you in the near term. "Last Friday everything worked out great. Servicing was great. "It was a real pleasure to fly! They were very warm and kind to us! Jon is very lucky and his assistent said he could not foresee that Jon would fly a charter other than New Fly in the near term.

It was a great ride and the food was fantastic. "She was so amazed by the airplane and the services. "Just to let you know, I did hear from our customer and the flights and services were outstanding. Well, I appreciate your speedy response. "It was a great ride. We' re gonna need another aeroplane tomorrow..."

Houston TX private customer "We really loved the crews and the aircraft. Pilot was good, the airplane was great and everything was slick. I' ve got some sightseeing tours in the near future I' d like to do with you..." "Thank you for chartering to Portland. If you are also concerned about another possible charter, please call me.

" "Everything was perfectly at our end - thanks to DIR! "Thank you for working with us to set up our charter to Glendale. "It was a beautiful ride, as always! And we liked Lyndon and all the other aviators. "Please forward my thanks to all members of the crews for a great 4-day journey.

"May I take this opportunity to thank you for the hard work you and your colleagues have done in managing this issue. Things were great, from air crew to auto repair. I' m looking forward to the plane back. that they have someone like you to represent them.

And I appreciate the excellent services you've provided for us. "Hi, nanette - thanks for your help - the drivers were great and the trip went wonderfully. We' ll keep an eye on you in the near term. Looking forward to working with you again, I will definitely be spreading the message about your business and your flawless services.

" "It was a great journey and the pilot was very kind. "Thank you for the great experiences we all had with the aircraft choice and especially with both drivers. There was everything we needed on the airplane and a lot more. Once again I would like to thank you for your help and your patient reservation of this flights.

we will definitely use your service again. Looking forward to working even more with you in the near term. Our journey home was great and we really liked the drivers.... they did a greatjob! "Nanette flying was great, unbelievable airplane! "Our ride was flawless. Love the team and the airplane.

"Thank you" to the team for me. Well, I know I keep track of a great deal, but "service" is what she needs. "Thanks for your help arranging our flights last weekend. You' ve had a great deal of work. Helping to make (the backup plane and the owner's flight) smooth for the owners.

So I let him know that you were also polite and polite and made this 2-hour note taking just like a cabdrive. And I appreciate the service you've provided us with. Produktiv, effizient und eine Posterreise für GA- und Privatreisen. "Dave R. "The pilots were very lucky, the airplane very, very nicely, the crews was great, the stewardess "Kim" very nicely, kindly.

" "than anything I could have ever dreamed of. If you are a real pro in every way and your organisation is to be praised for having realised not only your value and the excellent services you deliver, but also the assistance you deliver, you are a real pro in every way.

"George W. "Although weary, it's good to be home today and back to work. Once again we would like to thank you for your help all evening to organize the trip from St. Lucia. Tell both drivers that we were totally happy with the services they provided, both were very friendly and professionally trained.

On both sides the flying was trouble -free and convenient and the crews were kind and professionally. "Nanette, I just wanted you to know that the charter went very well. "The boys booked the plane and everything went well. She' always there...and the crews, especially the last pilot, Joseph and Amanda, were fabulous.

Here are your contacts and tells about my great working life working with New Fall for some of my relatives. Really the best possible customer care! "Christopher S. "Our Friday night trip was a great event and we will certainly call again. I' ll call you in the next few days. "Dave R. "I was looking for the most secure and luxury private jet operators and your firm was at the top of the list.

The white gloves are important to me and I definitely felt as if I was on the receiver side through your business. A Lear Jet 55 I charters and it was perfectly suited to our needs and both crew were fantastic. Without hesitating or reserving, I would suggest your sevices to any colleagues or clients.

From now on I am hoping to do my best with you and will be recommending your enterprise to my families and my acquaintances. "Jeffrey I. "I just wanted to thank you so much for your help with our charter last night. "I wanted to thank you so much for your help in organizing the plane for our families last night.

Pilot could not have been kinder or more helpful....the air traffic controller asked if we were prepared to take off and asked several time if he could bring us something during the flight...". This is a relatively new client and we buy for an airplane, but we have used you when buying.

Maybe we'll just charter and not buy..... If you do something high-end like charter or private air travel, you have high hopes. He' ll check us out before and after every plane ride. Dave R. "Fantastic ride thanks to and the airfield was livelier than I've ever seen it! "Everything was great this week-end.

Personally I thought the pilot was great - very diligent - and your people who kept us informed about take-offs and landings were very welcome. "Beautiful! Of the several private charter airlines that I have announced today, I must say that you are the most reactive and responding.

You know, I very much trust that I can work with you in the years to come. "They really liked the pilot and the airplane. "Says the pilot: "Yesterday everything went well and the drivers are great. "Michelle-thanx for your awesome early morning trip (especially early for you)...we ended up in Berkley and went out, WV...quiet ride, great crews, great gear....

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