Fly board

Flyboard is a brand of hydroflying equipment that provides propulsion to propel the flyboard into the air and perform a sport known as hydroflying. FLYBARD® Pro Series | FLYBARD® Sport Flyboard® enables everyone to enjoy flying. Designed from the bottom up to give you superb controllability and precision manoeuvrability, the Flyboard Pro is easy enough to study the first day. Easier and more effective with improved functionality and more innovations, the Flyboard is ideal for beginners to expert users.

The Flyboard® Pro is the next evolution in portable aquatic gear, accessible to everyone from teenagers to grown-ups. No matter if you master a new craft or have a lot of enjoyable times with your loved ones, with the Flyboard® Pro you will be able to fly in the twinkling of an eye! No matter whether you're just getting started on the ocean or are interested in a new surge of adrenalin, the Flyboard Sport provides an easy learn bend.

Stable foot plate assists novices to familiarize themselves with the unbelievable power of the sportshorse. Excluding the added advantages of Per, the Sport is a more economic option and costs 25 percent less than the Per Series. Flyboard® is the hydro-flyer that is favoured by top sportsmen around the globe for its power advantages.

Featuring a rotary baseplate that allows the Flyboard to swivel up to 20° around its axes, its power and animation take it to the next step. The Flyboard® is 32% more efficient and versatile than ever with an enhanced drive system and completely re-designed jets that guide your stream of fresh air more directly and make every move more focused than ever.

Flyboard® can be assembled in about an hours and a half with just a few basic manual power supplies so you can fly in no time! A quick coupling (sold separately) allows you to switch between fly and drive in seconds. Designed with the latest range of boats in view in view, Flyboard means that our equipment is unsurpassed in terms of interoperability and features, giving you the best available service.

Flyboard® provides the opportunity to customise your own set-up according to your knowledge, preferences and purpose. Selectable forward and backward jet size and variable suspension for more or less drag in incline mode (available on the Pro Series) allow stepless throttle response in the open atmosphere. This is everything you get with a Flyboard® Pro Series and Flyboard® Sport Kit.

An EMK radio controlled radio gives the driver the possibility to operate the accelerator pedal of his PWC via radio so that no second operator has to operate the PWC. The quick jet makes the change between normal PWC driving and normal PWC driving quick and easy. Would you like to try Flyboard®? Are you interested in purchasing a Flyboard or would you like to speak to a member of our team?

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