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First official MacBook Air ad. MacBook Air is the love of Apple in the joyful Stickers' Spot. There' s plenty to be loved about the new Apple display from TBWA\Media Arts Lab, a wonderfully frantic 30-second kit designed in a stop emotion look, with MacBook Airs adorned with labels that reflect the taste, personality, and purpose of its user. It' s a dizzying greeting (almost like a retrospective of Apple's classical iPod work) with one recording after another of iconic images, urban landscapes, planet planes, electronic poses, popular cultural figures, and more - all dawdling and posturing around the Apple emblem in the center of the laptop cover.

Of course, a beats emblem also makes a camera. Nowadays, Apple's around the air keyword is loving, as the corporation stresses, the emotive bond that consumers have for the ultra-thin notebook. Here and there, this ardour is manifested through personalisation - in the innumerable ways in which proprietors have made their machinery their own with unique works of art.

With Hudson Mohawke's tunes, the commercial is moving fast - squint and you'll miss something. If you want to decelerate things, look at the "Stickers" page on Apple's website, where some of the labels are shown from the place. And the only reservation here is that "Stickers" in its own way is somewhat similar to the "Play Your Heart Out" commercial for Google Player, which has had more than 10 million hits on YouTube since the beginning of May.

At the same time, game, movie and musical personalities interacted with the Google Triangle Playing emblem. But the air point is more palpable. In contrast to the Google Player ad, it is less about popularity, amusement or even the actual products, but about the user's passions. This has always been Apple's strength, and it's great to see a commercials that comes back to her in a stylish way.

Apple's new ad announces that MacBook Air is "the laptop everyone loves".

MacBook Air is quite a great device and Apple knows it. Reaching the ether waves, a new ad announces that MacBook Air is the "notebook humans like. Although it may not be the favorite laptops in Apple's product range for everyone, those who have one don't mind sharing how much they like the MacBook Air.

It' s pretty easy to display and just flash through a pile of MacBook Air covers, all with labels featuring the beats logo, Snow White, Homer Simpson and various other popular character icons. My own MacBook Pro even has several labels, so I can see where Apple has gone with this device, the display establishes a link between the business, its product and the consumer.

Is your Apple equipment similar to the covers in the ad?

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