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class="mw-headline" id="Property_before_Winfield_House">Eigentum vor Winfield House[edit] The Winfield Cottage is a villa in Regent's Park, London, England, built in 1936 and built by the US heir Barbara Hutton. It has been the Ambassador's formal home since 1955. Quinlan Terry's Regent's Park Villas is a Category II building that has been named an "exceptional ambassador's home and a remarkable New Gorgian townhouse with many remarkable features"[1].

A new villa in the modern Greek stile, by Leonard Rome Guthrie of the British architects Wimperis, Simpson and Guthrie, was ordered by Hutton. 1 ] The building was initially known by the name of its forerunner ( St. Dunstan's ), but Lord Fraser of Lonsdale, director of the relief organization, turned to Hutton to tell him that the resemblance in name and position of their building and his organization (still with an agency in Regentenpark) was causing trouble, and he asked them to give up the name.

She approved the motion and adopted a new name, deriving from her grandpa Frank Winfield Woolworth, who had an apartment at Winfield Hall in Glen Cove, New York. Throughout World War II, the building was used by a Royal Air Force 906 restricted airfield and as an officers' centre.

In the early 1950s, after the end of the Great Patriotic War, Hutton bought the home for a dollar to the US government[2] and used it as a London officers' club for the US Third Air Force. In 1955, after major renovations, Winfield Home became the ambassador's formal home. Former residency at F├╝rstentor 14 was considered insufficiently secured.

Winthrop Aldrich was the first ambassador to the Residenz; others were Walter Annenberg, Anne Armstrong and John Hay Whitney. Queen Elizabeth II, several US President and many prominent visitors came to the building. New Gorgian blacksmith's staircase with snail decorations and yellow metal railing to the top storey, on which many elements from the 30s (but no mural) from the former children's room suites are preserved.

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