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Riders sue the "driver-friendly" driving hazard Apps Gett and Juno.

Last weekend, chauffeurs brought a collective suit against the so-called "driver-friendly" ride-sharing hazard apps Gett and Juno, claiming contract violations, deliberate misrepresentation, misleading publicity, and share price scams. Juno was introduced in New York City in April 2016, positioning itself as an "anti-buster" and promised better returns and capital to riders.

The riders streamed to the apartment and immediately catapulted Juno into the upper ranks of the New York City riding area. However, after it was purchased for $200 million by Tel Aviv-based Gett early this year, Juno cancelled its share ownership and driver rights programs and promised to pay out to some riders who had purchased Gett-share.

However, motorists say those subsidies mirror a drastic depreciation of their inventory in the firm, with some motorists not receiving anything for their shares and others being cashed out at less than 2 per cent per share. What's more, the company's capital market is still underdeveloped. Emailed the driver, Juno pledged "a new cash-incentive plan," but the driver said that the loss had already occurred.

As soon as this happens, the plaintiffs' attorneys can try to hire more riders in the hope of supporting their case. Both Juno and Gett did not immediately react to a question for comments. This suit is evidence that Carpool Haul businesses, which present themselves as more friendly alternative to Uber and Lyft, are still not immune to much of the turmoil that has befallen these applications.

The Independent Driver Guild of New York recently lodged a recent official appeal with the Federal Trade Commission against Gett and Juno for deceptive driver with incorrect income information. FTC has made judgments pertinent to the cab handling industries and instructed Uber to disburse $20 million to riders to resolve deceptive allegations about revenue and funding.

Juno, Uber's "driver-friendly" rival, bought Gett for $200 million, but leaves little for his riders - Quartz

Junio always had the best selling. Launched in early 2016 in New York, a belated entry into the highly competetive rides, the firm quickly made a name for itself by promised to be kinder to them. Undertook to keep its commision low at 10% of a ticket price and run a round-the-clock service centre.

She also informed the riders that they could make Juno shares from a specific programme and participate in the long-term prosperity of the business through sufficient working time. The Savader began running for Juno in early 2016 before the official start of the team. Joining Uber, Lyft and Gett, he listened to Juno and was enthusiastic about Marco's presentation on how to improve things for riders.

Android cell for free and a backup schedule. Savader was awarded a limited stock unit scheme this summers, stating that if he worked at least 120 hrs amonth, he would receive either stock in the firm or a bar instead of them for 24 out of 30 successive monthly payments.

Him and Marco autographed it. Savader's signing of the memorandum gives Juno the opportunity to settle in the form of money instead of stocks. But the figures sent to him today by e-mail and to a driver approached by the New York Observer indicate that Juno offered the stock at less than 2ยข each.

That' s not even a 10th of the $0.20 stock quote Juno promoted to riders when they recruited material last sommer. Another two Quartz seen deals bid $100 for 1,604 or 3,580 stocks, respectively, or 2. 8 cent and 6. 2 cent per stock, indicating that there might have been a $100 or $100 cash requirement.

"and they took it from us," Savader said to Quartz. A Juno spokesperson, Keren Kessel, said in an e-mail that the company's share ownership scheme will be superseded by a "new cash-incentive plan" for Juno riders who proceed with Juno and accept the conditions. Driver who have deserved the share entitlement under Juno's RSU scheme, "get everything from $25 to a four-digit number," said Kessel.

"A lot of chauffeurs round up their payments," she added. It did not reply to phone and e-mail messages asking about the obvious mismatches between the announced RSU rate and the rates quoted to riders. Neither did a spokesman from Gett answer. It is said that Juno collected 30 million dollars from private equity firms.

Reuters announced in October 2016 that Juno was looking for another $50 million to grow beyond New York City. Prior to the launch, Juno registered riders and gave them $25 a month just to keep their application while they worked for other driving companies like Uber. In spite of these endeavors, Juno in February was clearly behind its rivals in the New York based markets, according to travel information released by the Taxicab and Limousine Commission.

Juno made 170,000 journeys in the weekend of February 19, comparing with over 1.7 million and Lyft's 390,000. There were only two companies that had fewer journeys this week: Via, a car pool ing company that only works in some parts of the town, and Gett with 68,000.

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