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Price list for private jets

Indeed, the transport of top managers by private jet charter can be cheaper than flying in First Class. Sadly, the price of a private jet makes this dream unattainable for many. What does a private jet cost? We work with the leading providers to offer you the best selection and the most competitive prices for your itinerary.

Ten soccer players who own costly private planes.

Tonight we are going to debate the ten soccer players who own an exorbitant airplane to fly. Ronaldo bought two private planes that put him at the top of the list alongside archival competitor Lionel Messi. 1: Ronaldo Christian: private jet costs ($65 million): Gulfstream G650: The jet (Gulfstream G650) is bought by Christopher Ronaldo, known as the wealthiest soccer star in the game.

This aircraft received a twin-engine corporate jet and a jet from Gulfstream Aerospace. Gulfstream G650 had a fair value of $65 million. Aircraft can travel within the cruising distance of (12,960 km) at a maximum airspeed of (982 km/h). Private jet fee ($25.9 million) : Embraer Legacy 650:

The Lionel Messi has a private jet called Embraer Legacy 650. Source says the aircraft (Messi) has costs ($25.9 million). Aircraft can reach the upper cruising distance (6.060 km) and its top maximal velocity (834 km/h). 3: Zlatan Ibrahimovi?: private jet costs (27 million dollars): Cessna Citation Longitude:

The Ibrahimovi? has a private jet that can travel within the cruising distance of (6,482 km). Aeroplane is a producer of (Cessna) it is a great medium sized commercial jet projec. 4: Paul Pogba: Private jet costs ($24. 5 million): Gulfstream G280: Juventus recently transferred to Manchester United, Paul Pogba has a private jet.

Gulfstream G280 has a private jet price of 24.5 million dollars. He travels in his airplane in Vienna International Airport City. This aircraft received a twin-engine commercial jet constructed under licence from IAI in Israel for Gulfstream Aerospace. This jet can operate within a cruising distance of (6,667 km) and a maximum airspeed of (900 km/h).

5: David Beckham: Private jet costs ($26. 6 million): Bombardier Challenger 350: According to news reports, Beckham has a private jet (Bombardier Challenger 350) in which he travels with relatives and mates. Aircraft costs are on the table ($26. 66 million). 6: Neymar: Private jet costs ($25. 9 million): Embraer Legacy 450:

Mr. Neymar Jr. is travelling in his own private jet (Embraer Legacy 450). Legacy 450 costs agreed ($15. 25 million). This private jet in SWISS Economy is capable of flying within a cruising distance of (4,260 km) at a top cruising speed of up to (1,017 km/h). 7: Wayne Rooney: Private jet costs (20 million dollars) : Dassault Falcon 900LX:

The Everton forward (Wayne Rooney) is traveling in his own private jet (Dassault Falcon 900LX). Dassault Aviation's Dassault Aviation airplane flying at business level. This jet's price has been put at up to $20 million. Capable of flying up to 4,750 km cruising distance at 370/350 km/h operational cruising speeds. 8: Gareth Bale: Private jet costs (13 million dollars): Cessna Citation XLS:

The Real Madrid forward grand (Gareth Bale) has an inexpensive private jet (Citation XLS). This jet will be delivered with a turbine fan engine constructed by the Cessna Aircraft Company in Wichita. Aircraft can travel in the 2,100 nm region at a top velocity of 441 ctas. There is a limit of 9 passengers.

9: Karim Benzema: Private jet costs (11 million dollars): Cessna Citation CJ4: Karim Benzema, the forward from France, has a private jet (Cessna Citation CJ4). It is capable of flying in the max area of ( 2,165 nm) at a velocity of 451kts. There is a seating for up to 10 passengers.

Jet features such as one-point refuelling, an external toilet and an outstanding reach provide the jet with a wide choice of options. Private jet costs ($9. 45 million): Gulfstream G300: Alexis Sanchez, who recently becomes the highest paying premier leather players with an annuity of (£26 million) a year, owned private jet Gulfstream G300. This jet can reach a max reach of up to 3820 nm at a max velocity of 500 cts.

It has two seats for passengers with a max. seating of 13-16 people.

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