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More information about Amsterdam taxis can be found here - handy for getting to and from Amsterdam (but avoid the non-registered taxis in Schiphol) or at night. There are special taxi ranks around the city where you can take a taxi. These are seven of the most common tricks used by dishonest Amsterdam taxi drivers to free foreigners from as much money as possible.

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As Amsterdam is known as a town bicycle, most Netherlands citizens and expatriates travel this way. That makes Amsterdam a place where motoring isn't really a big deal for most parts of the year. Amsterdam cabs are so beloved that they can travel quickly from one place to another and be useful at nights when the streetcar operation is over.

When you want to travel comfortably from Amsterdam International to your accommodation, you can take a taxi from the Amsterdam International to your accommodation via our Amsterdam International transfers page. What is the best way to get a taxi in Amsterdam? Amsterdam has many taxi stations, most of which are in the most famous districts such as Amsterdam Central Station, Dam Square, Rembrandtplein, Leidseplein or Museumplein.

Taxi's are in the line and you just have to stand in line to get yours. Or you can order an Amsterdam taxi by phoning the town taxi line 0031 (0) 900 677 7777. What for a taxi in Amsterdam? For the sake of improving the taxi services and their visibility, the Amsterdam community has set the rates so that you should not experience any surprises.

In addition, a taxi rider will have to take you even if your journey is really brief, which is very much to appreciate in bad urban weathers. After all, if you use a taxi in Amsterdam, the taxi operator must give you a pass with the name of your journey.

Should you not be happy with the services offered, you can contact a complaint on the following website or by telephone: It'?s good to know: When the tramway operation is over, there will be overnight coaches. For more information about Amsterdam overnight traffic, click here.

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We can not only take you to Schiphol on your own front door, but we can also take you home, to your place of work, or to your loved ones and families.

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