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Telephone taxi

Call #TAXI (#8294) on your cell phone to get a taxi in the USA and Canada. #TAXI - How does it work? Use #TAXI for why? What carrier currently offers it? #TAXI selects taxes for clients?

May I use #TAXI in Canada when travelling with a US phone? If I am using a Canada phone, can I use #TAXI in the USA? Which type of #TAXI is?

On a BlackBerry, how do I choose by mail? Q. How does #TAXI work? A. #TAXI is a single number (#8294) that you call to make a call that will connect you to the best taxi service for your area. We use information from our databases that includes LBS (location data of your wireless service provider) and in some cases we are notified of the profile of regular users in order to provide you with the right taxi for your particular circumstances.

TAXI searches the best company routes in our databank for the first available taxi service to receive your call and ship you a taxi. #TAXI chooses for you in a millisecond even in the busiest time. Every #TAXI call will cost between $1.25 and $2.50 per call, dependent on your mobile operator (plus all fees for air time and data).

Q. Use #TAXI for why? Q. Which forwarders currently have it? In the USA, these are AT&T Wireless, Sprint, Boost and Verizon Wireless (including Alltel). Canada has #TAXI on practically every cell phone, such as Bell Mobility, Solo, Virgin Mobil, Rogers, Fido, FELUS, Koodo, Wind Mobil, Videotron, Sasktel and MTS. Whereever there is a taxi company.

These include all cities with at least 10,000 inhabitants as well as many smaller areas, especially those with high taxi use ( e.g. health resorts, holiday resorts). Currently we service over 3,200 cities in Canada and the USA. Q. How does #TAXI select taxes for clients? The #TAXI collection is built on our own propriety data base, which contains over 10,000 corporate taxi cabs.

It also reflects the experience of #TAXI customers and our recommendations from #TAXI customers. Q. Can I use #TAXI in Canada when travelling with a US phone? I. Most U.S. cell phone models allow this. Q. Can I use #TAXI in the USA when travelling with a Canada phone?

Q. Which type of #TAXI is? It is a premier language services system which is known as a technical number. It is NOT a speed dialling or text messaging one. Generally, it is a kind of 1-800 Vanity number that you choose by mail. Q. How do I choose by mail on a BlackBerry?

The Blackberry dials the number that appears on your computer as #8294. #TAXI (#8294) can also be added directly to your directory to quickly get a taxi anywhere, at any time. #TAXI will send an text message to your phone at the end of the call so that you know who we are calling on your name.

If you have data protection options that mask your phone number when making calls, this text message will not work.

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