Charter Companies in South Africa

South Africa Charter Companies

Check the contact details of the South African aircraft operators and the fleet for charter. Here is a list of airlines currently operating in South Africa. Booking an unforgettable corporate jet and air charter with us today.

and SRS Aviation (Pty) Ltd.

Africa's first and only fully featured global destination of VIP Charter, Tourist Charter, Service. The company also provides aerospace related products and solutions such as new and used aeroplane sale, aeroplane maintenance, airplane administration, groundhandling facilities, jet fuel, Jet A1 and aerospace lubrication.

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There are many different factors to consider when choosing the right charter company. If you are speaking to a future owner, you will want to interview him or her thoroughly. Every good charter company will appreciate the chance to go through a future travel route with you as long as you are serious about using their services and not just doing windowshopping or webssurfing.

When your business has one of a kind insurances, talk about it. In addition, there are companies that continuously supervise, analyse and auditing charter companies around the globe, such as ARGUS International, Inc. The ARGUS Charter Evaluation and Qualification (CHEQ) is a system that incorporates the actual security story of a charter carrier, airplane and/or pilots and matches their security data against comparative sector benchmarking.

Please ask the owner for reference number. Give these clients a call and ask them about their relationship with the carrier. Contact your charter company if possible. On this website you will find a list of hundred of operators, but we have not hit all of them. It is a services company and its employees are the keys to its triumph.

The ARGUS will create a username and password so that you can connect to our Operator Datamaintenance Program (ODMP) over the Web. The ARGUS system provides a brief on-line tutorial so that you know what information we need in the LDMP. Enter your airplane and crews information into the OBMP.

Send ARGUS a copy of your latest D-O85 from your Ops Specs â" to facsimile number 866-414-6218. The ARGUS carries out an initial review of all the historic security information we have gathered â" on your 135 certification, the plane and the aviators. The total point value of an individual carrier is benchmarked against an overall group of carriers with similar risks, and if it is found to reach or surpass the average of those carriers, the carrier is awarded an ARGUS Gold Ratings.

In order to keep your review, you must refresh your information in the ODMP at least every 90 trading days and integrate the ARGUS review flag on your website. The ARGUS International, Inc. ARGUS is the leading provider of specialised aerospace solutions to companies that produce, fund, operate, service and sell corporate and corporate jets, as well as provide end users worldwide with end users with a range of end to end solutions.

At ARGUS, we are the world leaders in conducting on-site security audit for business air divisions, charter companies and merchant carriers. ARGUS' main business activities, established in 1995, are Charter Evaluation & Qualification (CHEQ) and CHEQPoint, technological consultancy and softwares engineering, PRISM SMS Solutions, Target Research, PRISM, TRAQPak Marketing Analysis, Aerospace, Aviation Research and Air Transport.

The ARGUS headquarters is located in Cincinnati, OH, with further office locations near Philadelphia, PA, Denver, CO and Columbus, OH. A DNQ (Does Not Qualify) ARGUS credit score may arise from: In order to reach the gold credit score, ARGUS researches extensively in a number of database and other well-known resources. Historic information about the trade credit, pilot, aircraft series numbers, property, management as well as finance information is collected, edited and evaluated to assess the suitability of a gold credit assessment.

The total point value of an individual carrier is benchmarked against an overall group of carriers with similar risks, and if it is found to reach or surpass the average of those carriers, the carrier is awarded an ARGUS Gold Ratings. An ARGUS Gold Ratings is awarded when this number of points reaches or surpasses the average of these carriers.

Golden Plus Ratings are issued to those carriers who fulfill all Golden Ratings and have passed an ARGUS on-site security auditing or hold the IS-BAO (International Standards for Business Aircraft Operations) Register Level 1. Operations are evaluated against the ARGUS Platinum Standards, a set of standards that ARGUS has worked with peers to develop that include accepted best practice, guidelines and processes.

Providers who fulfill these conditions are entitled to a gold plus rating. Platinum rating is the highest rating of the ARGUS ratings. The award is given to seasoned providers who fulfil the ARGUS Platinum security auditing requirement for golds and have passed the ARGUS Platinum on-site security audits. Platinum assessment will require a well established security management system, a clear and practicable contingency plan, efficient guidelines and processes, and documentation of all relevant operational and maintenance activities within a facility or charterparty.

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