Rent a Helicopter to Fly

Hire a helicopter to fly.

As soon as you have your helicopter pilot license, you will undoubtedly want to use it to fly with friends and family or for business purposes. Every level has associated limitations and requirements to ensure that tenants fly at their competency level. Self Fly Hire (SFH) airborne helicopters As soon as you have your helicopter pilots license, you will undoubtedly want to use it to fly with your buddies and your relatives or for your work. But not everyone has the wish or the means to buy their own helicopter, so setting up is an great way to continue to fly without the management or expense of having their own helicopter.

Fly to a beautiful motel for lunches, sports activities or a visit from a friend is a great way to develop your adventure and we will be glad to help you meet these challenging times. Our R22's, G-DLDL and G-TINK, R44 Raven I G-CFCM as well as our R66 G-RMAR can be rented (depending on availability) by authorized licensees at our pro-rated SFH costs per hour, which can be found in our atlas.

One hour charge is a water based tariff, i.e. with petrol and petrol inclusive. The rental policy is laid down in our Self Fly Guarantee and a copy of it can be found in our operating manual and can be requested from the premises. Please fully comprehend your obligations and we will ask you to subscribe to an SFH contract and our order book before recruiting.

First of all, we also need a checkflight with one of our trainers before you can take off one of our helidecks. There is a 28-day policy that demands that you fly in the 28 preceding every shot.

It is your responsibility as a self-propelled pilot to ensure that your health, driving and eligibility certificates are current and that you meet the requirements of your airplane health cover. If you should cause the helicopter to be damaged, you are personally held accountable for any loss not covered by your policy, so it is very important that you adhere to the General Operating and Rental Rules.

Depending on your availabilities you can rent a helicopter to get where you want to go. Of course we are pleased to help you with any problem. We ask you only to fly enough flying lessons to warrant that you take the helicopter away from the helicopter bases for the suggested time.

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