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Registration with the Kennel Club does not mean that you are a legal owner. The purpose of this application is to confirm the change in registered ownership of the Kennel Club. The Hotel Owner is a must read for UK hoteliers and hotel managers, with in-depth case studies, opinions and the latest news and products. Browse uncorrected and uncensored customer reviews written by Volvo owners, independently collected and published by Reevoo.

Q743: Is there a distinction between the owner registration and the owner of a car?

V5 is not a certificate of title. However, the owner should be the one who actually uses/keeps the car and this is not necessarily the owner of the car or the one who pays for it. DVLA points out that the owner is not necessarily the individual mentioned in the application form.

In particular, this applies to a business vehicle held by the corporation, but the vehicle license should include the owner of the vehicle, i.e. the daily holder (this can be an employer who has a fixed advantage with his job). Usually a registred holder is considered to be the person in charge of parkings, etc., so it is advisable to change the form if you are the owner but not the user/holder.

You may also be considered to be the owner of the car for an act of assault, for example if you allow someone to use the car even though you know it is not covered or fit to drive. The majority of insurers require that the individual who insures them is the main occupant of the car and can indicate that the individual is the owner of the car.

Finding the owner

Tracking an unidentified or missing owner is the first stage in putting an empty real estate back into operation. Below are the procedures you can take to find an owner's name and location. Begin with a note on the empty house doors indicating that you wish to get in touch with the owner.

Speak to the neighbors, they might know something about the owner. It is free and can often provide useful information about an empty real estate object. Next, try searching the HM Registry, which contains information about all properties that have been entered. In case the real estate is not recorded, the registry does not have any information.

When this is not successful, try a land register entry query. In this way, the owner's data is disclosed when an indictment is brought against the real estate (e.g. a second mortgage) or when an insolvency petition has been made. You can contact the HM Land Registry Land Charges Registry at 01752 635 600.

As soon as you know the name of the owner, it is possible to find him through a searching office - look in your own personal yellows pages under "Detekteien" or get in touch with Talking Pages. It is often the simplest way to determine the location of an owner, but you may have to make a payment.

When the owner of the empty house has passed away and the will is contested or the inheritors do not appear, the real estate may be "in limbo" while the new owner's identification is made.

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