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In order to log in to your My Services account in the My Spectrum app: In order to see a live stream of Spectrum News or to get full access to our video clips, click on the Spectrum logo below to log in with your ID. Log in with your Spectrum username and password at the beginning. So if you don't have a username, go to www.spectrum.net/login to create one.

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When you log in, a computer-generated password is required, which can either be sent to your telephone by SMS, or you can choose to have a FREE application generate the password on one or all of your portable and home PCs. Please click here to get our free email. Connect provides multiple Web-enabled apps from anywhere with Web connectivity.

These include several different kinds of equipment, such as a home computer, smartphone, or a tablet. The Connect option allows you to free of charge run and update your free Connect application on a machine of your choosing. Virtually anytime, anywhere with Web connectivity and on many machines, your computer can be accessed remotely with Virtuozzo VPN. Please note: Only certain persons may gain VDI admittance.

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Hello everyone, we installed a JavaScript host a few month ago, and we installed several clients in JavaScript that were also in Spectrum, and we signed in and were able to get on the JavaScript host quite well. I haven't been on the Kasper servers for about three month now and when I try to login, I get "invalid access data delivered".

Then I enter my username and my passphrase with which I enter Spectrum, that is Idap. When I use superusers, superusers with no organisation, I get along well.

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Welcome to Spectrum Technologies, Inc. The Spectrum range provides a comprehensive range of cost-effective measuring techniques for ground compacting, ground water content, nutrients, light, atmospheric conditions and other direct crop growth determinants. With our WatchDog dataloggers, our remote sensing devices can capture rain, foliar rain, variations in temperatures, humidities and other meteorological conditions, from individual devices to complete meteorological wards.

Extensive softwares allow the user to plot graphs of collected information, run a report, generate user-defined report, extract information to generate spreadsheets and more. More than 15,000 clients rely on Spectrum's easy-to-use and reliable technologies.

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