Boeing Business Jet Floor Plans

Floor plans of Boeing Business Jet

BBJ Exectuve Boieng BBJ MUST HAVE PUBLIC Jet. Boeing Business Jet is the result of a Boeing and General Electric Boeing and General Electric partnership to produce a high-performance jet. Launched in 2006, the ultra-long-range BBJ 3 is the biggest in the business jet series. The BBJ 3 is built on not just one, but two popular jet engines, the B737 and the BBJ, and delivers competitively priced ranges, speeds and OS in an equal size pack.

Designed for companies that need to travel frequently but productively, this ultra-long reach company jet provides the tooling and room to work on the street. The BBJ 3 can reach a cruising distance of 5,475 nm using the 737-900ER (Extended Range) commercial aircraft. Up to 169 guests can be accommodated on an area of 1,120 feetĀ², in additional to an executive lounges and a privately owned suites.

It houses the pilots and co-pilots and contains many functions of the Boeing 737-900ER. A Rockwell Collins HGS-4000 Light Dynamics head-up screen and six Honeywell LCD screens for liquids are integrated into the Glascockpit. Smith Industries designed and delivered the company's flagship product, DuPont Computer. Communication equipment includes Rockwell Collins Quad HF and Quad HF communication and a Coltech Select Call System (SelCal).

Rockwell Collins Series 90 Aviation System is built with a twin Automated Bearing System (ADF), Texas Technical Assistance System (TCAS II) Advanced Warning and Prevention System, and Advanced Windshear System. Two Rockwell Collins multi-mode GPS and ILS GPS receiver systems and an omnidirectional FM radionavigation system with remote sensing VOR/DME capability are included in the satellite navigator package.

Aeroplanes are fitted with an extended low level alert system (EGPWS) and an aerial navigational chart recorder system (ANDR), a fully integrated flying record recording system (DAFU) and a DeepL chart record system delivered by Teledyne. L-3 Communications provided the 120-minute CVR (Cockpit Voicecorder ) of the airplane and the FDR (Flight Datalogger).

Now Boeing is offering the possibility to develop an advanced visual system (EVS) for the BBJ missiles. BBJ 3 is based on the 737-900ER aircraft cabin concept, which provides better power in higher ranges and speeds, lower sound level and lower emission than the former members of the Boeing 737 series.

Aluminium alloys blades and fin are designed in a two-track, fail-safe double rafter design. Aerofoil features mixed Aviation Partners wing tips to reduce drag to increase miles of refueling, cruising distance and elevation capabilities.

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