Custom Private Jets for Sale

Private jets for sale

For more information, read our article about the price of an individual private jet interior. The Elvis Presleys Lockheed JetStar is available for sale. . . Once again

During a visit to the Graceland-Elvis Presley museum and manor house in Memphis, Graceland-Elvis Presley's former house-to-house turned touristic destination, Tenn King of Rock'n' Roll enthusiasts can see two of Elvis' former private jets: a Convair 880 known as Hound Dog II and a Lockheed jet star known as Lisa Marie, after his daughter. Although the property sold the couple to a private purchaser in 2015, the two sides reached an agreement that the aircraft would stay in Graceland so that guests could continue to see the jets that remained as they were when Elvis used them.

Almost half way across the land in Roswell, N.M., a third plane that owned the king had a different way of being. This Lockheed Jetstar, bought in 1976, was resold by Presley the following year and stayed on a New Mexico airstrip for more than 35 years.

Elvis was with Bigfoot the whole way through. It is enough to say that the intermediate years were not friendly to the aircraft, whose red-silver outside surface eroded and pale in colour from its inception. When the appearance doesn't seem quite right for a royal, a look at the custom cabin reveals that the Presley was part of the Presley family.

In fact, it was equipped with a television screen - a luxurious feature at the onset. It is not the first for Elvis to announce the less known Jetstar. Actually, the present owners only purchased the plane last year for $430,000, well below its initial multimillion mark estimation, so it can walk even less this year.

Elvis enthusiasts are willing to buy; just recently Elvis resold an $2 million Presley watch for nearly $2 million, well above its high $106,000 valuation.

Presley's old private plane is for sale.

Elvis Presley once owns a tailor-made aircraft for sale, just a year after buying nearly half a million US dollar. A Lockheed Jetstar from 1962, the aircraft has reached the IronPlanet sales bloc, a vendor of used heavier machinery and state surpluses. Presley's Jetstar is sitting in a cemetery in Roswell, New Mexico, where private aircraft owner keep the aircraft for more than 35 years.

According to Robb Report Open a New Window Magazin, its present owners bought the aircraft for $430,000 last year, despite estimations that it could switch owners in a multi-million dollars sale. However, pictures on IronPlanet's website open a new window, showing that the aircraft has grown significantly older since it took retirement. This old-timer aircraft is selling as it is, and there are no motors or dashboard parts.

A Robb Report estimate that the damaged aircraft would probably be valued at a million if fully refurbished. And Elvis had a squadron of three private jets. The two aircraft, a Jetstar and a Convair 880, will be issued in Graceland as part of a transaction between the property and a private purchaser who bought the couple in 2015.

In contrast to the Jetstar, which is currently for sale, the other two jets were maintained in the same state they were when Elvis used them. Prospective purchasers have until 27 July to make offers, although the sale must be completed early. The Elvis Memory products regularly achieve high price levels. In May, a 1960 vintage Presley owned Presley brand Omar Omarega clock in whitegold was resold for $1.8 million, far exceeding the Auctioneer' s estimates.

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