Personal Jet Cost

Jet personal costs

l was flying the latest private jet. It'?s $2 million, including a canopy.

At a speed of over 300 mph I flew 17,000 ft over the Vermont hills, tilting the small jet aircraft joy stick to the right and watching the cloud below the slope, almost unnoticeably to the right. My expert flyer seated next to me told me that I couldn't crush the aircraft.

Yes, this airplane has a giant built-in chute to carry the whole airplane with it. When someone pulled the trigger, the Cirrus Vision Jet immediately threw its head towards the skies, brought its stomach into the breeze and slowed the airplane down quickly. Inflating slowly, the jet's 6,000 pounds do not break at the line.

And then he hovers to the floor and carries the airplane and all its passengers down softly. Since 2000, Cirrus has had this security function in all of its aircrafts. Cirrus now enters a jet airplane with the launch of the first ever one-engine personal jet. At $2 million, it's a good deal in comparison to most personal jetliners, which cost about $5 million.

But by halving the cost of the private jet, Vision Jet opens the private jet property worlds to many who have been degraded to reciprocating engine propellers. In contrast to automobiles, where a higher top speeds has little use, a quicker airplane, like a jet, can bring you to a place much earlier.

Vision Jet also features a pressurised cab that allows passengers to breath at high altitude without the need for a mask. This means that it can climb high enough to climb in poor conditions instead of waiting or bypassing it as a cheaper aircraft could.

Probably the most striking characteristic of the Vision Jet is its huge window. The majority of pressurised aeroplanes have minute elliptical portlights. Vision Jet has almost as big a window as a normal automobile, offering a breathtaking panorama of the outside canvas. This plane is just too small. But Cirrus uses the small jet as a sales argument for the most part.

So far, anyone who wanted to buy a jet had to get a fairly large aircraft with several lines of full-size seating that they might never use. Cirrus says the Vision Jet will also reduce the cost of fuels and servicing. And with its V-tail and large window panes, the Vision Jet is indisputably looking pretty good.

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