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Taxicab No

sspan class="mw-headline" id="Plot">Plot[edit] Taxicab No. 9 2 11 concentrates on Raghav Shastri (Nana Patekar), a Mumbai taxi operator who is lying to his spouse about his employment and pretends to be an insurer. Someday he gives Jai Mittal (John Abraham), the spoiled offspring of a dead business man, a skiff. And Jai is struggling for property on his deceased father's bequest. And Jai looses the keys to the strong room with his father's will on the back of Raghav's taxi.

Instead, Raghav chooses to conceal it from Jai, who goes to Raghav's home in quest of his missing object and recounts to his bride what he is really doing.

So Raghav decided to take vengeance. Jai and Raghav swear to murder each other in their struggle for their goods. As Raghav does not manage to slay Jai, he aims at Jai's friend Rupali (Sameera Reddy). When Raghav hunts Rupali, she is rescued by Jai by a hair's width. Rupali escapes Jai and attack Raghav.

So Raghav goes home to Jai. After a second trial about his father's defeated property, Jai comes back to his flat because he does not have the will of his own family. Raghav, on the other hand, is again captured by the cops and taken to the precinct, where his woman talks to him about his true nature and his own problems.

Jai, who has recognized the value of loved ones, gets Raghav out of prison. and go to Jai's home. Returning the will he had hid in the couch, Raghav says he never wrecked it - the ripped will on the walls is a forgery.

Then Raghav goes to the train depot to stop his spouse and boy from abandoning him, but comes a little too late. It' s a bit too early. Feeling hallucinated, he gets a nice surprise when he sees his girlfriend and boy stand there and sings him a birth day carol (and finds out that it was Jai who returned them).

Arjun Bajaj (Shivaji Satam), the boyfriend and administrator of the estate of Jai's dad, is confronted by Jai, who he explains that he has recognized the value of living and does not want his dad's estate and says goodbye. Jai Mittal, the securities deposit number of John Abraham's personality, is 1129, i.e. 9211 backwards.

License sign MK-01-C-9211 was the same taxi used in Bluffmaster (2005) when Abhishek Bachchan tracked Rietish Deshmukh for his one. Taxicab No. 9 2 11 was one of the movies with the highest revenues in 2006. 1] Nana Patekar and John Abraham were praised for their performance.

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