Tfl Taxi and Private Hire number

Taxi Tfl and private rental number

New TfL switch for taxi and private rental started Transport for London (TfL) will offer a new counterservice from Monday 1 June as part of its plan to upgrade and modernize taxi and private rental licences in the city. In response to enquiries from taxi and private landlords, the counters were re-established. Available at Chancel Street, SE1 (near the intersection with Burrell Street), the services are by arrangement only and are primarily intended for clients in need of assistance in applying for drivers or operators. TfL's managing director for taxi and private rental, Helen Chapman, said: In our conversations with the taxi and private landlord it was clear that many would welcome the reintroduction of a counterservice.

At Chancel Street, our new state-of-the-art facility allows us to personally engage with our clients and help them with any problems with their use. As part of our plan to modernize and enhance our licencing, we will also introduce a new on-line applicationservice, which will allow riders to edit their complete applications simply and comfortably on-line, as well as scan and upload support documentation to make the job faster and simpler.

It is open on working days from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. and has customer advisors who can help claimants with any queries or problems they may have with their applications. However, you cannot create licenses, badges, and/or IDs that will still be printing from the TfL's trusted printing partners.

In order to make an arrangement, clients should call 0343 222 4444. You will then be sent a verification e-mail with travel directions to Chancel Street and what you should have. TfL will unfortunately not be able to accomodate clients without an appointed date. Implementation of the new functionalities of the on-line applications will take place later in June.

It is an important milestone in the modernization of TfL's taxi and private rental license business and will make the application process faster and simpler. The TfL will assess how these two new products work and develop them further to make sure they respond to customer needs.

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