Tfl Contact number for Private Hire

Contact number for private rentals

Established private landlord - Transport for London If you are a licenced licensee, you must inform us of any change in your license information as specified in your licensing notice. We recommend that you visit this page regularly for general advice, updating and information on our policies and private tenancy laws in London. It is the duty of carriers to provide customers with a passenger to whom they can talk during normal working times and during the voyage.

This is what we call the language contact requirements. If you are a licenced carrier, you must verify your planned office opening times and the time of booking. As part of a regulatory control that is performed during the term of your license, we will verify that the equipment is in place.

In order to assist you in the provision of information, it is important that you fully grasp and follow the "Guidance on requesting language contact for private landlords" section. If you have any queries or need assistance, please contact the carrier license sales force on 0343 222 4444 (Options 1-1-3-1). When you have to fire a chauffeur because of his dissatisfactory behaviour in the context of running a motor vehicle (PHV), you must inform the TfL in written form of the name of the chauffeur and the conditions of the case within 14 workingdays.

Alternatively, you can use our PHV/105 contact information to inform us of any serious complaint you may have about a rider who is currently working or has worked for you. The license of your licensee has a term of five years, unless we have stated otherwise. A new license must be applied for before your existing one expires.

Approximately four month before your license expires, we will ship you a re-license package for you. Please be sure to file your extension requests as soon as possible. Currently, the license is intended only for the specified owner of that license until its expiration date.

However, if no new license has been acquired by that date, the Company must cease trade. Please inform us in written form as soon as you know if you do not wish to extend your license. If your request is unsuccessful, we will mail you your new license just before your existing license expires, provided there are no issues with your request.

The new license starts the next business day after your current license expires, if we can make a final choice immediately. Requests for and granting of royalties to be paid by managers shall be based on the number of cars at an operator's disposal for carrying out reservations.

That number shall appear on all certificates made out after 3 October 2017. In case this is the case for you and you anticipate that more cars will be available than the allowed number, you must request a new license. If you are eligible for a reimbursement for a portion of the license fees granted for your current license, you may be eligible for a reimbursement.

As an alternative, you can request a new license if you anticipate that there will be fewer cars available on a permanent basis than allowed in your license. Under certain conditions, this may mean that a reimbursement of a portion of the license fees granted becomes due. Be sure to inform us of any changes you wish to make to your operating license.

Private rental reservations can only be made at the business premises specified in your license. If you wish, you must request a license variant (PHV/106): In order to request a change to your license, you must file it: After changes to the rules for private rentals, as an authorised private landlord you are obliged to give us the information on the cars and driver with whom you have made private rentals or which have been available to you to make rentals on a a weekly base.

Every Monday all providers are obliged to indicate the dates pertinent to the foreweek. In order to assist you in the provision of your pertinent information, it is important that you carefully review and fully comprehend the " Operation manual and Operator' Guide before you begin. Send your monthly up-load, starting with the on-line registration.

Authorised template files have been made available for you to use in uploading your car and drivers information according to the terms of your driving license. You must input the private hire driver's and vehicle's information as it appears on the private hire driver's driving licenses and car papers. If you have any queries or need help, please contact the operator's support hotline on 0343 222 4444.

London Private hire services", which deals with carpooling, "Privacy & Privacy Protection Guide for private hire operators" and the "Taxi advertising and private rent vehicle signage Guidelines". You can find more information on our compliancy page, which includes an Operator compliance Inspections paper describing the procedure of the compliancy audit. Learn how to contact us or make a complaint.

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