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In this fast-paced VR arcade game, you and your passengers can race through a futuristic city! Taxicab Game 2 Taxis Game Free Gifts: Brandnew Drive Simulation - Taxis Game 2, continuation of the renowned taxis game. We' ll give you the Karrieremodus this turn so you can improve your abilities as a cab rider and start building the Imperium. Taxis Game 2 is continually evolving so that you can buy new automobiles, take a ticket from shipping and drive to other parts of the town.

You' ll like this free taxisimulator. Guaranteed to be the best taxis game in the shop right now and one of the best driver game. We' ve been spending a great deal of our free gaming day giving you the best game play you can have by making taxis for your portable devices. It is our belief that Taxis Game 2 is a good option for every simulation enthusiast.

You' ll be amazed at how the vibrant metropolis is - pedestrians walk, automobiles cross. Hop in your taxicab, turn on the motor and become a municipal racing driver. Take your taxis through the big cities, collect your guests and take them to their destination in safety. Living in the cities is insane, pay attention to humans and transport.

Oh, and don't forget to fill up your car! Yes, in Taxicab 2 we added petrol station. A good taxisimulator lets you select the passengers, as does Taxis Game 2. There' a bunch of customers in town! Taxicab Game 2 features: Download now for free Taxis Game 2 and get your car started!

Think about it - the orginal game only from TAXI GAMES FREE.

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This is a fast-paced, VR-native song that really convinces. Travel through Starbear's small, cutting-edge town in a space ship cab to bring bustling bears to their destination. Teddy bear's gotta be places too, you know?! View all reviews: Dash through a dazzling town with your fellow travellers in this fast-paced VR arcades game! Fresh from "Hibearnation" (also known as unemployment) in 3064 AD, Starbear is a live animal on a quest to bring as many bustling cubs as possible to their intended destination and avoid annoying gangs of raccoons along the way.

With a novel VR-native R/C approach system, you get accurate aerodynamic command of your spaceship with a tailor-made aerodynamic design that lights up your flying capabilities. SCHAUFFEUR BEARS - Drive as many people as you can to their destinations before the watch is out! Eversives VR Game Play - This action-packed, fast-paced cab game play was developed natively/exclusively for VR and keeps every gamers in breath!

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