Wrexham Taxi Service

Taxi Service Wrexham

Wrexham is a well-established, friendly taxi company based at Wrexham Central Station. New Wrexham Taxis & Prestige Taxis - biggest taxi pool in North Wales Our vehicle park includes a number of mini buses, from 5 to 16 seats, which are available for every opportunity. No matter whether you need to make an urgent delivery of a small parcel or bring a note through the city, our cars have the ideal answer for you. There are a number of Hackney cabins on the flotilla that can take you where you need them.

Driver service is reliable to ensure that you get to your port, station and terminal on schedule. Wrexham & Prestige Taxis have luxury Jaguar XF 2.2 cars, stylish, white as well as silvery, full-fledged. BMW's new 5 Series Sedan is tailor-made to satisfy the highest demands.

It' perfectly suited for every client who wants more from a limousine than just a classy look: the most progressive 5-series limousine of all times. Wrexham and Prestige Taxis will take good care of your air travel, whether you are taking off or heading home. With our fast, courteous and courteous service, you can be sure to get home on schedule and with minimal effort.

If you call us, you will get your taxi immediately, because we always have around the clock driver. Prices are always reasonable and service is always dependable. Our fleet includes a number of limousines, passenger transporters, vans, business and handicapped accessible busses.

Apollo Taxis | Wrexham Taxis & Chester Premium Taxi Service

It has never been so easy to reserve a taxi! With our new Apollo Taxis Apollo - Powered by Trapeze App' you can not only use our website as a taxi reservation tool, but also reserve your taxi on your phone with just a few keystrokes. Reserving taxis via our application is even quicker than phoning our offices.

The app is available from the App Store for Apple phones and the Google Play Store for Android phones.

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