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Take a look at our Baltimore Jet Charter Services to avoid the pain of commercial flying and enjoy the benefits of private air travel. Charter flight booking for 25 years Advice, advice and offers, guaranteed aircraft availability, 24-hour flight monitoring, limousine transfers within a 50 k/m range, Diamond Rewards programmes. In our opinion, we have found the perfect match between advanced technology and good old-fashioned value, which allows us to offer a private travelling adventure like no other.

Contact one of our worldwide agencies and let our experienced advisors assist you with your next private charter flights. If your chef asks you to organize a private jet for holidays and also wants to take your family's animals with you, what do you do? Stanley Matthews Travels participates in the 2016 Convention of International Soccerex.

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A charter is the process of hiring an airplane as a whole (i.e. chartering) rather than buying single airplane seating (i.e. buying a flight pass through a conventional airline). Chartered, also known as charter or ad-hoc charter services, requires accreditation by the regulatory authority of the associated countries, such as the FAA in the USA. The rules differ from the typically commercial/passenger services by providing an unscheduled one.

A charterer can sometimes operate regular airlines, but only in small quantities[2]. Same rules also for ambulances and freight forwarders. A number of different businesses provide charter airline and broker service, ranging from charter companies to jet ticketing programs: Charters - certificated by their associated governments such as the FAA for US Airlines - have the statutory power to promote and operate charter operations.

Yacht Charter Agents - usually work on assignment (agent of the flyer) to find charter companies that have a license to carry out a particular itinerary. Blanket - Programs provided by both stockbrokers and carriers where a client is provided with a set per-hour fee for a particular jet class and the stockbroker or carrier purchases a jet from the available charter pool.

The charter jet category includes: Non-millionaire private jet. Change the scenery of Luftwaffe taxis and charter flights.

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