New Private Aircraft

The new private aircraft

We introduce the new class of business jets. Cobalt' s Walküre: Bruce Wayne's new private jet? The Valkyrie of cobalt aircraft, which looks more like a high-tech combat jet than a lightweight for private use, has just been taken off. Featuring a front wings cannard, a slim monocoque design and a 350 hp (260 kW) turbo-charged motor, the new Walküre will be able to travel at up to 260 kph (482 km/h, 300 mph) and accommodate up to five adult passengers and their baggage.

The CO50 is a fully certificated fully flyable and fully flyable aircraft with an approximate lead times of mid-2017, while the Valkyrie-X is a factory-made, experimentally certificated aircraft with an approximate lead times of 6 month from order date. The Valkyrie is a long period in the planning and building phase of David Loury, Cobalt' founding and COO, who has put together a teams of designer, owner and maintenance staff at properties in San Francisco, California, Paris, France and Saguenay, Canada, to prepare for building and supply.

"A decade ago, my dream was to disturb the aerospace community with an aircraft that was not only technically healthy and secure, but also design-oriented and luxurious," said Loury. "Cobalt is no longer just a mere preproduction. It is a world-class aircraft, packed with progressive security, engineering and cutting-edge styling capabilities for travel-mad users and aerospace enthousiasts.

" Valkyrie uses a standard shape (with a small front wing at the front of the aircraft) which is a favorite choice for various lightweight aircraft such as the Vertex Hybrid Drone or other thrust aircraft such as the P.1HHH HammerHead as it enhances rigidity and buoyancy, especially on less traditional sized aircraft.

The Walküre will be able to fly more than 1,400 sea-mile ( 1,600 mi/2,590 km) at 220 knot ( 253 miph/407 km/h) in low -cost operation with one pilots and one occupant, using a unique rear-facing reciprocating motor that drives a three-bladed carbon-fibre sliding vane prop. However, even when the Valkyrie is fully laden and travelling at top speeds, it is still said to be able to drive more than 840 kilometres before refuelling.

The Valkyrie's huge forward tilt greenhouse cab, which is said to have the world's biggest one-piece awning, not only provides full front entry to the cockpit, but also a 320-degree visibility for the pilots and occupants. Outer surfaces are made of composite material and are available in a variety of colours, among them even shades of darkness, which Cobalt says are not normally easy to achieve in such material.

Concerning warehousing, Cobalt states that there is more than enough room for your club, ski and suitcase. The Valkyrie model is equipped with a telescopic chassis as fitted as standard and can be supplied with an emergency reserve as an option. In the event of a disastrous breakdown or total aircraft flight cancellation, the system is capable of being used and is intended to lower the whole aircraft and its occupants securely to the floor.

Below is a brief videotape of the new Cobalt Valkyrie.

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