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Shock protection for Apple Macbook Air 11". Compatible with the MacBook Air 11 inch (models) Buying a new MacBook, I was a little concerned that my notebooks would have the "overused look" and possible scrapes on the laptop itself as well. Began looking for the best possible shortcut and MacBookovers. First, I purchased a case that was more of a case and it didn't quite need my needs, because every single turn I turned it on and off I feared something might go awry, even if it took up too much room on my back.

Then I ordered "Mosiso Plastic Hard Case with Keyboard Cover mit Screen Protector for MacBook Air 11 Inch" and am very happy and happy with it. Also the packing was tidy and beautiful. Plus: - It's a mix of keypad coverage, MacBook coverage AND display protection! - My order is dark and the logo of the applet is clearly seen, which makes it look quite beautiful; - its beautiful lighting doesn't almost nothing contribute to the Macbook weighing, but at the same moment it's quite heavy; - the bag is leathery and not slipy, which makes me feel very comfortable; - the cost, since I'm a kid, is important to me, if the articles are cheap, you'll get several articles for a low one!

MacBook Air Apple (11-inch, April 2014) review: Apple's 11-inch MacBook Air is now for school only.

MacBook Air, the 2014 11-inch MacBook Air presented below, has been completely abandoned after a short time because it was only available in the educational sector. Apple's last but one MacBook Air - the 999 Euro 13-inch 999 inch MacBook Air - has been upgraded with higher -speed, more capable Intel CPUs, as has the new 1,299 Euro 12-inch MacBook.

Apple has also updated the MacBook Pros - the 1,299 13-incher, 1,799-incher with Touch Bar, and 2,399 15-incher with Touch Bar - with these new Intel processor and graphic card upgrades. When you purchase a new MacBook Pro, you may need to purchase a wide range of adaptors for your older equipment.

Also, keep in mind that the 13-inch MacBook Pro was phased out in 2015, although the 15-inch $1,999 dollar version from that year will remain available to those who want all port sizes and fewer dogles. MacBook Air, now well known, hasn't been updated for several decades, and the small update to the 13-inch and 11-inch MacBook Air releases in April 2014 doesn't make any difference.

MacBook Air's latest MacBook Air differs from the 2013 releases in that the basic MacBook Air uses a 1. 4GHz Intel Core 5, an update from the prior 1. 4GHz Intel Core 5. The 6-inch MacBook Air now launches at $899 (out of $999) in the U.S. and $749 (out of $849) in the U.K., while the 13th MacBook Air is now in the United States.

The 3-inch slider is now down to $999 (from $1,099) in the US and £849 (from £949) in the UK. We' ve tried the new 2014 releases of the 11-inch and 13-inch aircrafts and found that their performances have been slightly enhanced. Some have seen different results due to the fact that Apple uses different manufacturers' scripts on Airs, but our testing is all in line with what we expected from this small increase in processor size.

There' certainly no need to perform an update if you own last year's MacBook Air. If these two elements are offset, our credit quality will remain the same and the rest of this assessment will be substantially the same as in the 2013 year. The 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Airs are still all-purpose laptop computers that are largely frustration-free, but still miss some of the latest sounds (edge-to-edge glasses, touchscreens, higher screen resolutions) you may be looking for.

Using tables that offer superior performance and highly wearable shapes compared to the suboptimal performance of a notebook, why not just do things on a tray? MacBook Airs solves part of this question: the performance of these MacBook Airs is amazing. Your Airs choices depend on the display sizes, as the 13-inch and 11-inch Airs are more similar than ever, with the same Intel Haswell latest generation processor, memory choices, random access memory and improved 802. 802.11ac Wi-Fi feature.

This also means that, apart from the batteries, in most cases they are almost the same as before. This $899 entry-level has the same 128GB SSD as the 2013 release (earlier 11-inch airs set to a puny 64GB SSD by default), and the rechargeable power is more than a tens of thousands of hours. The 11-inch Air has become a truly perfection small notebook in its own scale... if you can pardon its similarity from year to year.

I would lie if I didn't say I wished the new Airs had larger, better resolved displays and more connections. However, unless you have your eye on a retina display, these new Airs are just a matter of considering just the rechargeable time. Practically, this Air has made real enhancements, and it's the working horse you have to hit, especially because of this amazing rechargeable batter.

Replace the MacBook Air 2013 with the newer 2014 and he or she will never notice the difference. Just replace the MacBook Air 2013 with the newer 2014. Kosmetically it is the same as last year's release (and a few previous releases): same aluminium body design, same connectors, same 1.366x768 pixels 11. Remember that MacBook Air is a largely unaltered notebook (and the 11-inch feel is the same as the one presented in 2010), and you have a very cautious computer upgrade.

And Apple did its homework to make the Air look good, and it did pay off with a long durability. Though the 11-inch Air's face is small and narrow, the multi-touch optical touchpad is still the most reactive track pad, making four-finger gesture feeling tight. It has the same sized and haptic as the 13-inch Air, but still has a good touch, even though the range of functional keys is quite small.

Still feeling good to hang on, but it's not amazing anymore. The 6-inch LCD does, however, feel too small for the Air scale. It is interesting to note that the 11-inch Air's monitor and steady rest have exactly the same depth and width as the 9. 7-inch iPad.

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