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These are some great alternatives to Chikka Text Messenger. The Chikka was a popular instant messaging application that allowed users to send and receive free SMS or text messages. You can download the app to your Android device so you can take Chikka with you wherever you go.

5 free alternatives to Chikka Text Messenger

And if you didn't know it yet, Chikka was closed down for good on 31 March 2018 after almost 20 years with the Group. The Chikka was a favorite IM tool that enabled a user to text and recieve free text or text message notifications. Chikka customers were sad about the company's abrupt move to turn off its text message communications system.

The Chikka user overwhelmed the company's Facebook page with commentary and asked it to rethink its choice. Chikka was gratefully acknowledged by some respondents for offering a free text message delivery system when they ran out of pre-paid credit. Also, some people asked if there are free alternative to Chikka.

Luckily, there are few sites and apps that allow Filipinos and Filipino citizens to post free text messaging. MagText is a website where you can post free and limitless text messaging. If you click on it, a small window will appear in which you can fill in your name, the telephone number of the receiver and your e-mail.

Your text messaging is restricted to a max. of 160 chars, but don't be afraid, you can text as many as you want. But the only downside is the capturecha challange that you have to resolve every single times you post a mail. After a few moments I got an SMS and tried the phone with my number.

The TxtLibre is another free text message website similar to Magtxt. With TxtLibre, anyone can deliver text message free of charge to any cellular network in the Philippines. In contrast to Magtxt, with TxtLibre you can type your cell phone number next to the receiver number. It is very useful if your receiver wants to answer you directly. is a free text messenger that lets you text anywhere in the globe for free and without limit. It' simple to text a free text email via Simply type in your recipient's cell phone number and your email. Because there is no way to type your name, you must add it to your body so that your receiver knows who the originator is.

Recipients get a neat text that has nothing else added or connected to it than other free text messages. This is a test that I have done and got the text messages within seconds. Once a post has been sent, a beautiful verification page will appear with all the information you enter. The FSMS or FreedomSMS is a mobile application that provides free text messages without the need to register.

Just downlaod and deploy the application and begin texting any cell phone number in the Philippines for free. Best of all, FSMS has a two-way text messaging function where the receiver can directly respond to your text and you get the answer on the FSMS application. It' perfectly suited for SAWs that can use FSMS to transmit and recieve text messaging from the Philippines without the need for a regular GSM SIM roll.

It is not necessary for the receiver to have the FSMS application on his/her cell telephone. Currently, free text message are restricted to 15 textms per days. Like Chikka, FSMS has an integrated directory function for fast and simple contact management. A further Chikka option, the PreText text message application, enables free text message delivery to all cell phones in the Philippines.

Like FSMS, PreText SMS has a two-way message function that allows receivers to respond directly to your message. Answers are P1 per SMS and free if you have a subscription to an indefinite text promotion. There is a text box function that allows you to talk to other PreText SMS people.

While Chikka may have disappeared forever, don't worry, there are Chikka spare parts and alternative ways to get free text messaging to anyone in the Philippines. If you are an OFW who wants to talk to your friends at home, or just an average Filipino who has run out of pre-paid money, you can turn to these Chikka options to get this important text to you.

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