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You can now fly non-stop from DC to Hong Kong and beyond. Bortz says that the first flight in the morning is usually the cheapest. What you can do in Mexico City Mexico Town, also known as Distrito Federal (D. F.), is an exhilarating, modern town with a vibrant cosmopolitan lifestyle offering famous food, arts and cultures.

The National Museum of Anthropology (Museo Nacional de Antropología) is one of Mexico City's hundred museum choices.

Explore the liveliness of Mexico Town by visiting the Temple Mayor of the Aztecs. Prior to traveling to Mexico City, look for offers and rebates to find cheap hotel accommodation in the area. Much of Mexico Town has to be lived at certain hours of the morning in order to capture the distinctive nature of each area.

Beneath the midnight skies, the Colonia Roma's brilliant highlights set themselves apart from the neighbouring neighborhoods, and this is where our Mexico-City tour begins. Constructed on the once splendid Mexican (Aztec) Templo Mayor, the historic centre is now encircled by the Central Plaza (Zócalo), the third biggest plaza in the whole wide range of cities in the country, with exceptional fine monuments such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Palace (with a gardens and murals by Diego Rivera) and the Templo Mayor Museum.

Once you have descended the Madero precinct, you will come across one of the city's most splendid and renowned monuments. Built on a pedestal of untreated stone and opened in 1934, Bellas Artes is a centre of culture with many exhibitions such as dancing, theatre and music. Look at the Palacio Postal or the main postal service and see the Latino Tower for a breathtaking panorama of the developing town.

Stroll through Alameda Central Park to Paseo de la Reforma, the most scenic road in Mexico, where you will find high, contemporary architecture and some of the best restaurants. At Reforma you only have to go along the way of the symbolic sights of the town, such as the Angel of Independence and Diana the Hunter's Well.

Once the home of Empress Carlota and Emperor Maximilian of Habsburg, the palace enjoys a panoramic panorama of the Paseo de la Reforma every day. It is an exceptional edifice full of large, attractive rooms that have housed a number of president. In comparison to the neighbouring quarters, the southern side of the town has a completely different ambience.

Here is an excellent mix of style unmatched in the area. Enjoy the mornings in San Angel, once the suburb of the town, with its paved roads and old, colourful Haziendas. Here as well as in Coyoacán, where one should not miss the fair, there is rural activity in the town.

Quiet orchards, a lovely temple, small antiques stores and a festive ambience make Coyoacán an authentically vibrant heritage of Colombian Mexico. Driving in the afternoons to one of the most singular places in Mexico City: On your way to this town in the south you will come across the Ciudad Universitaria (home of Mexico's most important university), where you can see the wall painting by David Alfaro Siqueiros on the parish tower and in the central library.

In Xochimilco, you can continue along canals that reflect the sun's radiation and remind you what it was like to spend more than 500 years in the town, to travel by your chosen ferry (there is a large choice), to end an exceptional journey in a traditionally way through one of the largest, most stunning and architecturally richest towns in the planet.

Also known as DF (Federal District), Mexico City is a must for anyone coming to Mexico. Explore our cheap flights to Mexico City with special discounts and specials.

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