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Eleven new flight paths promising low-cost flights in 2018. This year, new flight paths from low-fare carriers are promising good offers for price-conscious travellers all over the world. These are the 11 most thrilling flight paths that low fares will take in the USA, Europe and Asia. Probably the most expected new 2018 flights may not start until early 2019, but you can buy 2018 tickets:

South West Airlines' new flights to Hawaii. While the Southwest has not yet heralded any particular city, analysts predict that the first flights from either Oakland or San Jose to Honolulu will take place. It could quickly extend to West Coast towns, other Hawaiian towns and possibly islands hopped flights. Southwest Effect could lower tariffs for other carriers and Southwest's policies to check two free baggage items would be particularly welcome on these itineraries.

This year Spirit will introduce a bunch of new flight paths from Detroit, Orlando, Seattle and Tampa. Norway Air will pursue its aggressively expanding operations in the USA by introducing two new non-stop US destinations for flights to London: Norwayian will deploy 787s on both lines, so that these flights will not only provide the standard basic flight but will also be highly economical.

Day-to-day operations will start in Chicago and three flights a week from Austin will start at the end of March.

From 28 April, six nonstop flights a day will fly from New York to Düsseldorf. Lufthansa's low-fare daughter, Lufthansa's Low Fares company is taking over many of the previously operated services of Air Berlin, which has now been phased out. The long-range aircraft of EurosWings are A330 with regular seat and a few regular seat. Another transatlantic low-fare hope, Primeera begins this early in the year with flights from Boston and Newark to Birmingham, London and Paris.

The flights will begin in April and will be operated with new A321 aircraft with traditional economics, stretched economics and prime economics onboard. IAG' s new low fares subsidiary, IAG ( British Airways, Aer Lingus, Iberia), has added Boston and Los Angeles to last year's first Barcelona leg from Oakland, California. Levels will also offer flights to the busiest low-fare destinations from Montreal and Newark to Paris later this year.

A330s will provide a standard and first class business environment, with the same low bag tariff design as before, with almost nothing additional and a variety of packaged choices. Starting this autumn, South America's biggest low-cost carrier will serve four non-stop flights a day from the USA: The flights will begin in November with GOL's new 737 MAX aircraft, which provide greater cruising distance and greater fuel efficiency.

Iceland's initial low-cost line will be flying from Kansas City for the first flight this year, with three flights a week from May to September. The flights began in December 2017, but this is really a 2018 story: Honolulu's second Asian low fares carrier follows the launch of AirAsia flights to Kuala Lumpur last year.

In the 787s, Flights on Scoot, a Singapore Airlines affiliate, flies four flights a week to Honolulu, Osaka and Singapore with a normal business and a prime business named Scoot Biz. Air Asia and Scoot both have airlifts in Osaka, so both routes can take you from Hawaii to Japan.

Frontier and Spirit have assumed the position of the low-cost leader in US home flights and both have introduced a dozen new destinations this year. Frontier will be adding 37 new itineraries by summer, with three or more each operating from Austin, Colorado Springs, Denver, Islip (Long Island) and San Jose.

The majority of the services are operated with legacy services on other services; some, such as Des Moines to San Francisco, offer the only non-stop itineraries. Once a charters company in Minnesota, Sun Country last year revealed that it will shift its entire fleet from one-stop full services to low-fare. But not just an average cheap ticket:

The Sun Country plan is to track consumer demands wherever they go - in Harlingen, Texas - where they get on and off in just 12 weeks. It is expected to launch its new satellite from its present Minneapolis prime centre.

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