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Lankan Airways

The SriLankan Catering Limited is the only airline caterer in Sri Lanka. The hub is located at Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA). The main business of SriLankan Catering is the catering of airlines operating at Bandaranaike International Airport. The Bandaranaike International Airport is the most important international airport serving Sri Lanka. It' the hub airport for SriLankan Airlines.

SriLankan Airlines

The Sri Lanka Air (SLA) Bus Class- Fares are a good bargain. Normally there is a 3x to 4x more discount on your corporate rates. My price was 356 dollars, slightly twice the price of the industry. Since I had a 7:50 plane, the lounges were not overcrowded. Whereas SLA has a newer Airbus 330-300 with single seat in Bus Division, the older 330-200 with adjacent seat is sufficient for this SLA.

Lucky for me, I had both places to myself. What is beautiful is the non-stop landing of SLA at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airports (BKK) with a fast train connection to the town. Although Air Asia offers the lowest fares in terms of fares, it needs a stopover in Kuala Lumpur and arrives at Don Muang International Airports (DMK) - less comfortable than BKK.

In view of the almost 4-hour long journey, the comprehensive choice of breakfasts, the free entrance to the lounges and the roomy seats, the Businessclass rate was worthwhile. Lankan Airways is one of the toughest airline companies I have ever been on. Though they may seem comfortable for overseas visitors, they are in my opinion and after conversations with many of my buddies antagonistic to Sri Lanka and other Asians.

During my last trip, one and a half hours and 20 min before my trip, I arrived at the check-in counter in the line, but they turned me away and said I was too late. What happened? Checked with the client complaint section in your bureau who were not interested in this subject or a reimbursement.

You are strongly advised not to use Sri Lankan Airlines. Until recently I had forgotten the belief in air transport until I recently returned from Dubai to Singapore with SriLankan Airlines. Our stewardesses were smiling, giving you the feeling of being able to fly with them and feeling well. I have been quite disappointed in recent years to see the drop in air passenger services, regardless of the aircraft cab.

I was really refreshed to see that some airline companies are still very proud of their outstanding levels of client support. SriLankan Airlines continues. Hopefully you can finally extend your goals to North America as I can ensure that you have a truly happyustomer. From Colombo we returned to Dubai and felt totally betrayed by Sri Lankan Air.

And as a tidbit we bought the seat for my wife's thirtieth birthday in our classes, but we got the oldest airplane I ever flew, which wasn't even valuable for a trade-show. This may sound like "FirstWorldProblens" to me, but our problem is that we received an costly delivery from Sri Lanka and didn't do it.

Had they said to us that they would not provide the promoted services, we would not have been paying the additional cash for the deal - we would actually have been flying the Emirates deal and getting a much better one. Immediately we made a grievance to Sri Lanka and it took 3 week for them to respond - of course they could provide nothing but a faint one.

Horrible client services, horrible airlines - avoiding at all cost as there are much better ways to get to Sri Lanka.

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