7 Seater Taxi

7-Seater Taxi

The Space MPV is one of the larger taxis on the Singapore market. The MPV Large Taxi Cab is a 7-seater cabin with a spacious and comfortable room for your well-deserved transport needs. Recently we received a Citroen shipping EuroTaxi.

7-seater Taxis London - 7-seater Taxis London

In our vehicle pool we provide our customers with a large MPV choice. It' a 7-seater taxi with lots of space for you and your belongings and a calm and comfortable way to go. The Sharan is used for our 7-seater version, perfect for a max. of 6 people.

Manufactured by the Volkswagen Group, this vehicle has been a proven folk transporter since 1995. By the way, the term Sharan comes from the Farsi for " carriers of king ", so let's give you a stylish ride as a VIP deserves to be the one. For more information about this vehicle please get in touch with us and when making your reservation please state that you would rather use the 7-seater options.

Further vehicles in our vehicle-park are::

sspace MPV Taxi">Space MPV Taxi - Service forfaitaire

The Space MPV is one of the bigger taxis on the Singapore taxi rental scene. Featuring a spacious passenger compartment, the Space MPV can transport up to 7 adults and is perfect for large family, executive and tour groups - without compromise on convenience! Together with the large opening door, this makes the Space MPV an extremely simple car to get in and out of.

In spite of its dimensions and heights, the Space MPV is fitted with many security functions such as ESP (Electronic Stabilisation Program), which helps the operator when the vehicle loses its stop or goes into a spin, and EBD (Electronic Braking Power Distribution). There are also family-oriented functions such as velocity sensor interlocks, beverage holder and lots of stowage space.

A $10 wait fee per 15 minute bloc (if available). Additional bus stop will be billed at $20 per stop. 2 stopovers, whereby the total transfers must be complete within sixty (60) minute. Transfers are billed as hourly waste collection services over sixty (60) minute periods, with a min. of two (2) hour waste collection for limousine cabs and a min. of three (3) hour waste collection for private limo.

When paying by bank transfer there is an extra 10% administration fee and 7% GST (Goods & Service Tax) add.

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