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Charter of private aircraft, sales & management. Fly with a private jet can be refreshingly different from the usual flying experience.

Well, what you got, First-time Flying Private? London Executive Aviation.

Fly with a privately owned aircraft can be a refreshing change from the normal aviation experiences. This is your first trip on an executive aircraft, so what should you look for in this area? To some extent, a privately operated plane is very similar to the use of a major stream aerodrome and an air carrier (only much better).

For example, it is very different how much you have to be on the floor before the start. If you' re traveling on a motherline ride, you should be spending two and a half hour or more working your way through a busy airfield and then wait on the taxiway while everyone gets on. You hardly ever hang out on the floor before a plane takes a personal plane out.

So one of the greatest revelations for beginners is that you will be arriving at 0815 for an 0830 plane ride. When you first fly in a personal plane, we say, "Please don't show up 1 hour in advanceĀ½". Arriving very early may allow you to take off sooner than scheduled, but it may be dependent on the available slot numbers from ANSP.

One of the main advantages of travelling by plane is that you don't have to spend any of your valuable travelling hours, and that begins before you even get to the airports. Another big change with a personal plane is that the schedules revolve around you, not the plane. When you need a personal plane to reach Paris and Geneva, for example, and be back in London that evening, a corporate plane not only gives you the opportunity to keep to this busy timeframe (which is almost certainly out of reach for your motherline carrier), but it can also be optimized throughout the workday.

When something exceeds or time changes during the course of the night, you do what we call "the 30-second call ", and that's it: we reorganize airtime, customs, fueling, food, and all other packages. Clients making their first personal jets often expect to show up at an airport's major terminals and go through a kind of quick-track security release process.

Often they are amazed that they are not led to the headquarters, but to the personal terminals of the executives. It will be sent to the carrier before the trip (preferably a few working working days before), who has agreed it with the NBA.

Arriving at the airfield, there will still be a safety inspection, but you will be in a line of one or two persons, not 500. This means that the entire procedure is finished in just a few moments, so that your stay in the terminals is calming but short. Boarding in a business aircraft is another big distinction to business carriers.

For small to mid-size corporate aircraft, lunches will be a snack, usually a sandwich (although Sushi is also a common desire), but when a group of senior managers travels with one of the bigger corporate aircraft, these hot-food hangars have and travelers can essentially determine in advance what they want.

Sometimes nervous, those who make their first privately owned jets ask if their pilot is qualified to the same standard as the team. Our work is based on exactly the same rules and we use the same licenses as our air carriers; there is absolute no distinction. No matter whether it's to book a sedan, see you at the passenger stairs, organise an exquisite accommodation or something special, your own personal jets business will be happy to help.

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