Chartered Secretary Qualification

Qualification as Chartered Secretary

Postgraduate pre-qualification is not a prerequisite. Chartered Secretarial qualification helps you with your career. Chartered secretaries who are qualified and experienced are very scarce.

ICSA Certifications

The program provides a uniquely broad range of engineering capabilities that will qualify you for a diversified executive development role and confirms your expertise with an international recognized credential. As an alternative, our Advanced Certificate in Corporate governance is available to anyone who is involved in government activity - whether you are a barrister or chartered auditor who is involved in government affairs, whether you are an experienced chartered professional looking to refresh your government affairs expertise, or whether you are a business secretary looking for a full and independent government affairs qualification.

There are also several other special skills available to meet the different needs of your profession.

Trial - International Council of Safety and Health (ICSA) qualification

post-graduate qualification. There are a number of skills that are offered by International CSA to meet a wide range of job needs at different skill level. Skills in the areas of finance regulatory affairs, equity, education, sport and healthcare services stewardship. After completing one or more of the course qualification (s), you are entitled to affiliate member. the busines.

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Being a member of the Law Society's in-house law department, you may be confronted with the added responsibility of the corporate secretary (although this may remain concealed under the heading of "Head of Governance"). One way or the other, you will find that you have to do things for which you may have little preparation lessons and little immediate assistance - and still have to take on all the tasks of your former "day job"!

Through our on-line knowledge base, periodic technological updating, membership bulletin and hotline, members of ISSA have direct contact with a wide range of corporate government and secretariat advice in all industries (private and publicly traded companies, NHS, educational, non-profit, etc.). Therefore, as common in-house counsel and corporate secretary, you will be supported by the two trade associations committed to providing the highest level of career experience and the best career for their members.

Practicing attorneys are exempted from some of the Chartered Secretary's qualifying Scheme (CSQS) full qualification module and examination examinations as we recognize that through your qualifications and work practice you have acquired the abilities and expertise that we recognize as equal to our examinations. Upon completing your training, your post-qualifying past experiences will give you the opportunity to switch directly to the Full Chartered Secretary, either as an Associate (ACIS) with six years of UK charter history or as a Full Fellow (FCIS) with eight years.

The outstanding feature of your Fellow status is that you are a senior secretary and governor. You can also take advantage of many of the advantages of becoming a member - gaining easy entry to technology resources, subscribing to periodic magazines, network and train - by becoming a member of ISSA. In this way you can "try before you buy", i.e. the help and assistance we provide, before you fully qualify.

Whatever your path, here is ICSA to help you gain entry to pertinent specialist know-how and know-how, and you will be able to demonstrate your professionality and dedication to your present or prospective employers.

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