Aircraft Rental Tucson

Plane rental Tucson

Airplane parking (ramp or anchoring) and hangars. Flying lessons and aircraft rental. Don't go anywhere else in Tucson, that's the thing! Homepage - Flight school programs - AeroCamp - Airplanes - Instructors - Locations - FAQ's - Contact.

Kelly's Aviation. Learn to Flight here.

Thanks for your inquiry about airline training and aircraft rental at Kelly's Aviation. Everybody connected with Kelly's Aviation knows how aviation can change your world. Bearing all this in our minds, our aim is to make every trip a worthwhile, personal and enjoyable one. In 2001, after eight years of English high schools education, I exchanged my blackboard for a set of grand pianos.

16,000hrs later I still get the greatest thrill when I see guys smiling as they brave the force of gravitation on their first ride. For me, the most rewarding thing in air travel was the kind of friends I made and the kind of meetings I made. I was on a bus to Tucson and was wondering what I could do on the weekends.

As I am currently a German pilots, I asked Kelly Stites if I could go and see - with an inspector - her Piper Cherokee. They reacted immediately and at the end of May I was flying this aircraft together with Josh, their flying teacher, who was on the job this week.

Fantastic experiences, beautiful flights through the Arizona skies and great workout effects.... He is a great instructor and it was a great privilege for me to have a flying hour with him on the Piper PA-28 (I usually practice on an Aquila A-210). Kelly's Aviation is an excellent flying academy!

This flying academy is recommended to everyone who wants to improve their flying skills. I can' believe Kelly! Talent, kind, professional, outstanding rider and trainer. Your Tucson credentials are just stunning and well-deserved! So I asked several drivers from whom I should get my workout, and Kelly was the first name from everyone's mouths.

Well, I think I want to show up early and stick around longer on every plane. Although everyone, when they begin to put on solos, I really enjoyed my period with Kelly next to me because I was always studying from her. I would never even suggest two of them to my foes, two of them were fine, only Kelly was fantastic.

He' s by far the best flying teacher I ever had. Don't go anywhere else in Tucson, that's the thing! At Kelly I took lessons from the first morning until a few working hours before the check-in for my VFR personal identity card. It is extremely patience and simple to use (both during planning and instruction).

If you are looking for a thorough and success-oriented teacher, I would strongly advise you to seek her advice.

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