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Specified channel groups are based on national estimates. The actual occupations of the channels vary depending on the location. University of Texas at San Antonio - Charter Channel Line-Up. Media Charter/FS Home Advtg Bird Eye. Yacht Charter Media/ FS Home Advtg First Base.

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Conflict on cable: Garnar, Lupardo ask Spectrum to include the television channel Binghamton Fox in the programme again.

In order to prevent redundancies and irrecoverable damages to a nearby TV broadcaster, MEP Donna Lupardo, D-Endwell and Broome County Executive Jason Garnar Spectrum Cable asked that the Binghamton Fox subsidiary and associated duct be immediately returned to the cable configuration. The two officers, in a Friday-morning letter, asked Charter Communications CEO Tom Rutledge to settle his contractual quarrel with the broadcaster's proprietor, Northwest Broadcasting, and re-establish the Binghamton cable feeding ducts during negotiations.

"As the two officers said in their letters to Rutledge, this unhappy controversy has already had a monetary impact on the TV channels concerned as ad revenue has sunk. Specttrum took the two wards out of the program two weeks ago after the contractual talks had failed. Both sides now blame themselves for the incapacity to solve the conflict.

Due to the quarrel, cable customers were excluded from the first NASCAR event of the Sunday 500 series. Spectrum repeats an almost two-minute slide show against Northwest Broadcasting in a continual cycle on both transmitters since the two canals were removed. They are apparently far apart in the forwarding charges that Northwest will levy for the transmission of the Spectrum sign.

However, neither the amount of the fees nor the settlement is disclosed to others, although Spectrum alleges that the fees are 75 per cent higher than the prior fees. "Representing the people of Broome County, many with disturbed services, we ask you to restart your negotiation with Northwest Broadcasting," Garnar and Lupardo write in their brief.

"As your clients in our area are currently charging for the services they do not receive, we also ask you to re-establish these two stops during the negotiations."

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