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Ride a private jet

Privatjet Charterfl├╝ge - Private Jet Rental Service Lewis first became addicted to cheap private jet travel when he saw a deals that offered four passengers on a plane ride from his Los Angeles based Los Angeles Los Angeles airport on an Embraer Phenom 100 jet for only $500 plus taxes. This was three years ago and since then Lewis, CEO of the US West Coast based Concept Seven has become a frequent private jet pilot for commercial and leisure purposes.

" This means that one third of private jet aircraft which otherwise would not be carrying a passenger because the aircraft are in the wrong place at the wrong moment. A flight costs $500 for up to 500 mile, $1,000 for 500 to 1000 mile and $1,500 for everything else, plus 7. Prices include all aircraft seating, plus luggage, so you can use one for four seating or load a friend or host and all four for one.

The majority of jet aircraft in the programme have four or seven places. EmptyLegMarket currently has about 25 to 50 listings at any one moment, with the best available 10 trading day before a trip. The North American continent dominated the global aviation arena, purchasing more than half of the world's corporate jet deliveries in 2013.

Travelers on empty planes must first find out how to get from home to a small aerodrome, then from another small aerodrome to their ultimate destinations. The next step is to get home, usually on a regular airline service to a major international hub or wait for another empty journey.

Lewis' $500 ticket to Tuscon, for example, would have costed about $6,500 at the company's regular sales price. In addition to those airlines that sell their own empty leg, there is a burgeoning number of brokerage firms trying to connect the fragmentary private jet business by providing services from a number of providers.

VICTORIA has more than 100 carriers, most notably in Europe, where more than 600,000 private jet and turboprop services take place every year - of which around 200,000 are probably passenger-free. The full cost of chartering the same aircraft is between 9,000 and 10,000 ($15,000 to $16,000), according to Mike Ryan, our full service provider.

"Some of the kind of individuals we find with empty feet are already experienced private air travelers who know the system. Whilst it could be more luxury than being squeezed into a bus cab with a business carrier, private aviation is not entirely risk-free. Even though statistical data show that all types of aviation are safe than traveling by air, private jet air travel is not regulated to the same degree as private air carriers.

Please make sure to enquire about surcharges, e.g. for luggage or airports surcharges. Remember that some companies make offers that are not really available. Occasionally, the operator will take advantage of your interest in traveling with private jets and then try to resell you full fare tickets in a traditional lure and counter to let you know that the announced deal has already been made.

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